Anglican Studies Certificate Program

November 5, 2021 - December 31, 2025
Schedules are determined by individual courses
Costs are associated with individual courses

Lancaster Theological Seminary and the Stevenson School for Ministry offer an Anglican Studies certificate program at the Seminary as a collaborative venture to prepare students for service in the Episcopal Church. The program supports a variety of Episcopal ministries ranging from priesthood and the diaconate to pastoral care, educational and lay ministries.

The Certificate in Anglican Studies is offered at Lancaster Seminary as either a stand-alone program or as part of one of their master’s degree programs.

The six Anglican Courses from the Stevenson School for Ministry are an on-line ten-week approach and the four Lancaster Seminary courses are taken in person at the seminary (typically on weekends).

For more information consult the Lancaster Theological Seminary program page.

For admissions information please contact their Admissions Department.

A full description of the program including learning outcomes, requirements, and information on the faculty is available here.