Christology Ancient and Modern

Regent College

This course explores the person of Jesus and how he has been understood through the ages. We begin with the representations of Jesus in the Gospels, study how the early church made sense of Jesus as a God-man, and look at how people see Jesus today. We will also see how the doctrine of Christ …
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Can the Past be Reconciled? Two Histories, Two Lands

Sorrento Centre

On October 7, 2023 Hamas militants launched a devastating assault on Israel erupting into the most severe Palestinian-Israeli conflict seen in decades. Once again the world has been drawn into the aching question; will these people ever know a just and peaceful coexistence? Even as one considers that far away tragedy, Canada continues to awaken …
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The Holy Spirit & the Arts

Regent College

For centuries many have perceived a strong bond between the work of the Spirit and artistic creativity. Talk of inspiration, spirituality, and the life of the spirit abounds when the arts are in view. This course asks why this might be so. What is it about the arts that lends themselves so easily to “spirit-talk”, …
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The Celtic Way: Discovering Christ in our Midst

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

“The rediscovery of the Celtic world has been an extraordinary revelation for many Christians in recent years, an opening up of the depths and riches within our own tradition….” – Esther DeWaal, The Celtic Way of Prayer, p. ix. This three-session seminar/workshop will introduce the fundamentals of Celtic Christian culture, history, theology, spirituality, and engagement. …
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Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

McGill School of Religious Studies

A wide-ranging and comprehensive introduction to the Christian tradition, suitable for those with previous degrees and those without. The Bachelor of Theology degree gives students a deep understanding of the Christian tradition. This degree includes study of the Bible and Biblical languages, Christian history, theology, philosophy of religion, and ethics. It also provides students with …
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School for Lay Ministry Learning Community

Luther Seminary

Transform Your Ministry in Just One Year with Theologically-Sound Training & Leadership Development From preaching and teaching to providing pastoral care or designing worship, faith leaders, like you, serve their congregations in various roles. Often, you do so without the theological background or seminary degrees your colleagues may have. With the School for Lay Ministry, …
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VTS List of Courses for Auditors at the Master’s Level

Virginia Theological Seminary

The Auditor Program is design for those interested in taking master’s level courses at the Seminary without enrolling in a degree program or receiving credit. This option is designed for alumni, clergy, and lay leaders seeking continuing education opportunities. Students who already have earned a bachelor’s degree may apply to be an Auditor, a status …
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Certificate in Theology and Health Care

Duke Divinity School (Duke University)

The Certificate in Theology and Health Care (THC) is a one-year course of study designed to equip Christian health care practitioners with the training to embrace that calling and live into it with theological clarity and spiritual joy. The certificate combines foundational courses in Christian theology, scripture, and church history with courses engaging the practical …
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