Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

September 1, 2020 - September 1, 2024
Birks Building
3520 University Street
Montreal QCH3A 2A7
A wide-ranging and comprehensive introduction to the Christian tradition, suitable for those with previous degrees and those without.

The Bachelor of Theology degree gives students a deep understanding of the Christian tradition. This degree includes study of the Bible and Biblical languages, Christian history, theology, philosophy of religion, and ethics. It also provides students with an opportunity to study non-Christian religions and consider Christianity in its contemporary, global context.

In this program, students acquire concrete tools applicable in many different professions: teaching, research, pastoral ministry, international relief with non-governmental organizations, social work, counselling, international affairs, non-profit program administration, businesses with community outreach, and journalism.

The Bachelor of Theology is an excellent first degree that may lead to further graduate studies, and is also suitable for those with previous degrees.

The B.Th. program has three points of entry:

  • The 4-year (120-credit) program is for students with a high school diploma. A maximum of 60 credits from another institution of higher learning can be considered for transfer into the 120-credit program.
  • The 3-year (90-credit) program is for students with a Diploma of Collegial Studies from a Quebec CEGEP. A maximum of 30 credits from another institution of higher learning can be considered for transfer into this program.
  • The 2-year (60-credit) program is for students who have a completed undergraduate degree in any subject with a minimum CGPA of 2.7 (B-).

Further information about the course requirements for the degree is available on the McGill website. In addition to the requirements for the degree, students are also permitted to take courses in other areas of the university and—particularly in the 90- and 120-credit programs—may be able to declare a minor.

Students who enroll in the Bachelor of Theology while students at Montreal Dio are invited to participate fully in the life of the college, including worship in the chapel, our weekly community gatherings, and the opening year retreat. Our supportive community environment allows B.Th. students to continue to discern how their studies may take them further in ministry in the world.

Students preparing for ordained ministry in the Anglican tradition (or a related tradition) but who do not have a previous undergraduate degree may enroll in a longer version of the Bachelor of Theology program. This can serve as the basis to either the Diploma in Ministry or, in certain instances, may lead to the award of a Master of Divinity as a first degree. Please contact the college for more information.


Students in the Master of Divinity are co-enrolled in McGill University and Montreal Diocesan Theological College. Applicants must simultaneously to McGill and the college.

McGill’s application form is available online and includes a charge of approximately $110. The college’s application form is available on this website. There is no charge for applying to the college, though in order for your M.Div. application to be complete, you must also apply to McGill. In addition to the application forms, a complete application includes transcripts of previous study, a personal statement, and two letters of reference.

Under the terms of our affiliation agreement with McGill, tuition is paid directly to our college for the program. Students must also pay student fees to McGill. See our tuition and fees page for more information, including about financial aid.