Preaching with the Church Fathers – Online

Wycliffe College

Summary:   In the early centuries of the church, it was rare to find a theologian who wasn’t also a preacher. Jn the estimation of most early Christian writers, theology was to be ordered towards proclamation-it was for the whole church, from the humblest parishioner, to the most erudite. Whereas homilies have historically taken a …
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ME/ST 735 World Religions – Online Masters

Trinity School for Ministry

Summer 2020 Course Syllabus Departments: ME/ST Credit Hours: 3 Sean M. Doyle, Ph.D. Professor of World History, Geneva College [email protected]   Course Description An introduction to some of the major living religions of the world, with a special focus upon Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam in their doctrinal, ritual, and historical dimensions.  The course will …
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OT 500 OL – Survey of the Old Testament (Masters Online)

Trinity School for Ministry

Course Description Summer 2020 The Rev. Brian Hughes; Online; (619) 709-4385; [email protected] I.  Course description  This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the theological witness of the Old Testament to the Triune God. It explores the books of the canonical OT with special attention to the relationship of the OT …
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History and Theology of the Diaconate – The Rev. Dr. Tara Jernigan – Masters Online

Trinity School for Ministry

Summer Term 2020 Course Syllabus Course Description This course is designed to explore the ministry of the vocational diaconate and how it has grown and shifted (or failed to shift) to meet the needs of the Church through the ages. The course will examine the biblical perspective on servant-hood; trace the development of the diaconate …
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The Deuterocanonical Books – Online

Atlantic School Of Theology

Continuing Education Offering About this Event Deuterocanonical Books Instructor: David MacLachlan Dates: September 9th – December 9th, 2020 Fee: $250.00 (Continuing Education participants) Format: Online This program will introduce and explore the Deutero-canonical books (or Apocrypha) written between the two biblical testaments and collected together in the NSRV Study Bible. The program will explore the …
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