Master of Arts in Christian Practice

August 1, 2020 - December 31, 2025
407 Chapel Drive Duke Box #90968

Keep your job, build community, discern your future vocation, deepen your spiritual practices, and earn a Duke master’s degree

Why This Program?

The Master of Arts in Christian Practice (M.A.) degree is designed for students to engage in disciplined theological reflection to enrich their Christian service in the church and world. The degree, which combines intensive on-campus sessions with live online learning, offers students the opportunity to reflect theologically on practices of lay professional ministry or other Christian service. This program is designed primarily for those seeking to enhance lay vocations while remaining in full-time ministry or in other professional positions.

Program Overview


The program’s core course sequence is designed to deepen students’ knowledge and appreciation of the Bible and Christian theological tradition.

Program courses, both online and on campus, are taught by regular Duke Divinity faculty and give students the opportunity to engage in a world-class education no matter where they are located. In addition to their classes, students participate in an ongoing seminar in Christian formation that seeks to integrate learning with spiritual practice.

Sample M.A. course of study:

First Year

August Introduction to Mission and Ministry

Introduction to Old Testament

Spiritual Formation

January Introduction to New Testament

Introduction to Church History

Spiritual Formation

May/June Introduction to Christian Theology

Introduction to Christian Worship

Spiritual Formation

Second Year

August Elective
Spiritual Formation
January Elective
Spiritual Formation
May Elective
Spiritual Formation

Specialized Electives

Specialized electives build upon the core curriculum, engaging students in contemporary practices of ministry. Each student will work towards a certificate in their own field of specialty by assembling electives, which may include a selection from, but are not limited to, this sample list of course offerings:

  • Missio Ecclesiae (Missional Church and Evangelism)
  • Intergenerational Christian Education and Formation
  • Black Church Studies: Leadership and Justice in Communities of Faith
  • Theology and Film
  • Death, Grief, and Consolation
  • Listen, Organize, Act
  • Pastoral Care
  • Bible Study Programs for the Local Church
  • Cultivating Thriving Communities
  • Christian Leadership and Administration
  • Preaching in the Methodist/Anglican/Latinx Tradition
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