The Pentateuch

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

The Pentateuch is a survey course in which students examine the first five books of the canon of the Hebrew Bible. Students will attend to the patriarchs and matriarchs, the earliest covenants, the exodus traditions, laws, codes, and rituals of the agrarian society represented in the biblical world of the Pentateuch. Students will explore a) …
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New Testament Introduction

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

The course introduces the New Testament (NT) from a historical, literary, and theological perspective. It focuses on the Canonical Gospels’ distinct nature: the authorship, the key themes, issues the authors addressed, the theological teachings, and their relevance for ministry today. Instructor: My name is Laurent Okitakatshi, the instructor for the course on parables. I am …
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God and Climate Change: A Biblical Perspective

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This course explores the question “Where is God in Climate Change?” from a biblical perspective. In virtually every form of media Climate Change is seen as an ever-present explanation for many natural disasters and crises, as well as an illustration of human failure, the result of our abuse of the earth’s environment. At the same …
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Pastor’s Conference 2024 – Handle with Care

Ambrose University

We have several great speakers lined up, including David Fitch (Handle Power with Care), Ken Shigematsu (Handle Yourself with Care), and Sarah Coleson-Derck (Handle Scripture with Care). Pastoral ministry in a changing world takes bold and courageous leadership, but it also demands great care and attention to our health, direction, and the important work of pastoral …
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God’s Spokespeople: Introducing the Prophets of the Old Testament

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

The prophets of the Old Testament offer some of the most compelling passages in all the Hebrew Scriptures. They promise a hopeful future, condemn an unjust status quo, and offer the reassurance of God’s present, and judgment to God’s people in uncertain times. This course is an orientation to and overview of the diverse body …
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How to Bible

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

How-to Bible is a high-energy introduction to the content and context of Scripture. It is designed for those new to the faith and lifelong Episcopalians who have never cracked the spine. If you’ve ever tried to read the Bible but quit somewhere in the middle of Leviticus, if you’ve ever been very confused by the …
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Preaching Parables

Vancouver School Of Theology

Parables can be challenging for preachers and yet they comprise about 1/3 of Jesus’ teaching. How does one bring a fresh word that maintains continuity to this difficult and well-trod territory? This course explores biblical parables and their use in the preaching of Jesus with a focus on contemporary homiletical application. This is an upper-level preaching …
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