How long, O God?: Old Testament Suffering and Life with God

Regent College

The Old Testament is born out of anguish: a lost paradise, slavery and oppression, exile. Trauma and pain shape the reality of Israel’s faith. Yet in this pain, God responds. With that in mind, we’ll explore Old Testament ideas about the human condition with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. We’ll examine the biblical …
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Acadia Divinity College

Instructor: Wade White  

BE161 Introduction to New Testament

College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (The)

In this course, the student will study each of the books found within the New Testament and become familiar with a variety of details about the earliest followers of Christ and their cultural context. What is more, this course is designed to study each of the books of the New Testament in the chronological order …
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Four Short Letters from Paul

Regent College

Discover the immeasurable depths of four of Paul’s shortest letters: Colossians, Philippians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Though brief, these letters have much to offer Christians in our age. See how the Apostle Paul deals with issues that sound almost contemporary and discuss their relevance to today’s headlines. To deepen our understanding of these texts, we’ll …
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Pilgrimage – St Paul in Rome

Anglican Centre in Rome (The)

Pilgrimage to Saint Paul’s sites in Rome, led by Father Scott Brodeur, S.J., professor at the Gregorian University in Rome. This pilgrimage will be a prayerful journey on the footsteps of St Paul in the City of Rome where he came to share the gospel and his life for his brothers and sisters in Christ. …
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Racial Justice and Radical Hospitality: A Biblical Approach

Regent College

Explore hope and expose weakness in the church’s vocation to share God’s radical hospitality to all nations. Gain insight into biblical, practical ways that churches can practice racial justice in their congregation and community. Wrestle with the sin of racism and xenophobia, deal with its past and present reality in our churches, and push on …
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Old Testament Foundations

Regent College

This course aims to present an overview of the background and contents of the books that make up the Old Testament, and to offer some reflection on the question of how they are best read together as part of the Christian canon of Scripture, and how they should shape both the Christian life and the …
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The Letters of Paul: Archaeologies and Theologies–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

This course focuses on the letters of Paul, the oldest documents within the Christian Testament. Written to diverse audiences in the context of the Roman Empire and diaspora Judaism, they are still used today to debate ethical and political action. We’ll look at 1) the Pauline epistles in their first-century context, and their earliest interpretations; …
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The Global Bible–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

This course follows the story of the Bible from its formation as a book in Palestine and Egypt in the fourth and fifth centuries to the rapid expansion of Christianity in the Global South today. When Donald Trump held up the King James Bible in Washington after demonstrators were dispersed with tear gas, what did …
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Biblical Values–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

Many people in the modern world claim to espouse biblical values. This course will examine what the Bible has to say about several issues that are controversial in the modern world, including right to life, gender,  social justice and the environment . It will also reflect on the difficulty of identifying a single, or even …
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