Festival of Biblical Storytelling, 2025

January 31, 2025 - February 2, 2025
January 31-Feb 2, 2025
News to come

The Wonder of the word. Spirit’s Play in Biblical Telling.

We are five years into the festival adventure for the Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada and we can’t wait any longer to share our joy as we introduce 2025’s Keynote Speaker: Storyteller and Singer/Songwriter, Canada’s own, Linnea Good.

We are thrilled that she agreed to be our Keynote Speaker, sharing the story of Biblical Storytelling, having headed up the Canadian Network, building on a lifetime of public performance, and making connections around the world.

Linnea’s subscription blog that accompanies the weekly telling she delivers on YouTube, digs into creative ways of hearing and being inspired, challenged and motivated through the oral telling of the Bible, so that those who have ears can listen!

There will be so much more added to the Festival news and theme, as we prepare for Festival 2025, but the Vision Team couldn’t be happier to reach this five year milestone in the life of our online event, celebrating with the strong foundation Linnea will provide as our Keynote Speaker.