Preaching the Seasons

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

A Hybrid Event Dates In person meetings at PTS: Oct. 5, Nov. 2, and Dec. 14, 2018, Jan. 25, March 1, and April 5, 2019 / 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Online sessions: Online content will be uploaded during the time between in-person meetings. These sessions will be available for participants to review and respond to at their convenience, i.e., offered …
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African American Preaching and the Power of Story: Black Sermon as Dynamic Discourse

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

AFRICAN AMERICAN PREACHING AND THE POWER OF STORY: BLACK SERMON AS DYNAMIC DISCOURSE AN ONLINE CLASS   Dates March 11-April 5, 2019 Overview African-American preaching tradition holds gifts that can benefit proclaiming scripture in all faith communities! Join us for this online course that will explore the essential elements of Black sermonic style through examining the …
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2019 Festival of Homiletics:  Preaching and Moral Imagination

Luther Seminary

2019 Festival of Homiletics: Preaching and Moral Imagination May 13-17, 2019  •  Minneapolis, Minn. Online and phone registration for Festival of Homiletics is open. Register now! The theme is “Preaching as Moral Imagination,” featuring Rachel Held Evans, Otis Moss III, and Anna Carter Florence. Other speakers include William Barber II, Barbara Lundblad, Will Willimon, Yvette Flunder …
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Women Finding Their Voice

Gladstone's Library

Women Finding Their Voice 1st June – 1st June 2019 10:00 am Ruthanna Hooke leads a workshop especially for women on the Linklater method of voice production. The Linklater voice progression seeks to undo habitual tensions that inhibit expression and awaken new connections in order to open and strengthen the voice / body / mind …
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The Joe R. Engle Institute of Preaching

Princeton Theological Seminary

CONTINUING EDUCATION THE JOE R. ENGLE INSTITUTE OF PREACHING June 9-14, 2019 Princeton Theological Seminary  What is the Engle Institute of Preaching? The Engle Institute is a weeklong continuing education event designed to nurture and strengthen the craft of those who preach in city or suburb, small town, rural community, or other specialized ministries. The …
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