Biblical Exegesis and Interpretation

Regent College

This course introduces students to the art of biblical exegesis and interpretation. It is designed to help students gain confidence in text analysis, become self-critically aware of the challenges and opportunities of reading the Bible in modern contexts, and consider the ongoing relevance of Scripture for the Christian life while remaining open to the work …
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Christian Faith and Practice in a (Post)Modern World

Regent College

While faith in Jesus Christ has never come easily, there are certain features of modern—and now purportedly “postmodern”—societies that seem to make Christian faith and discipleship particularly perplexing. These features are commonly discussed under the heading of “secularization,” a term which points to the fact that traditional Christian understanding and institutions have grown progressively less …
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Biblical Hermeneutics and Criticism

Regent College

Modernity and postmodernity have posed various challenges to the Christian Church, and one of these has been the burgeoning of new critical methods and perspectives with respect to biblical interpretation. This course aims to examine the assumptions, history, and variety of these methods; to probe the coherence and value of their perspectives; to trace the …
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Sustained by the Story: Biblical Telling for Times Like These (Online Festival)

Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

Do we have a festival for you! We are thrilled to present to you ….drum roll please…….our 2024 online festival of biblical telling: Sustained by the Story: Biblical Telling for Times Like These. Mark the dates:   Feb 2-4, 2024 This year, we are asking: Why is it so important to have a Story – a sacred Story – …
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2024 Calvin Symposium on Worship

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

This ecumenical conference… gathers worshipers from across Canada, the US, and beyond  brings together people from a variety of roles in worship and leadership, including pastors, worship planners and leaders, musicians, scholars, students, worship bands and teams, organists, visual artists, preachers, chaplains, missionaries, liturgists, council and session leaders, and more  encourages leaders in churches and …
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Christian Foundations I From Abraham to Jesus

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

Many people are familiar with the concept of an overarching narrative (storyline) when looking at the history of our faith: from the Old Testament, through to the New and on into the history of the church, we can see God at work. However, when people think of, say, the Old Testament, disconnected images come to …
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Missional Preaching

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

How do we connect God’s mission, and therefore the mission of the church, with the culture in which we live and speak in ways that help people make sense of their lives and their purpose through the lens of the Gospel? How can our words as preachers help others follow Jesus’ Way of Love more …
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God’s Spokespeople: Introducing the Prophets of the Old Testament

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

The prophets of the Old Testament offer some of the most compelling passages in all the Hebrew Scriptures. They promise a hopeful future, condemn an unjust status quo, and offer the reassurance of God’s present, and judgment to God’s people in uncertain times. This course is an orientation to and overview of the diverse body …
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Preaching Parables

Vancouver School Of Theology

Parables can be challenging for preachers and yet they comprise about 1/3 of Jesus’ teaching. How does one bring a fresh word that maintains continuity to this difficult and well-trod territory? This course explores biblical parables and their use in the preaching of Jesus with a focus on contemporary homiletical application. This is an upper-level preaching …
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Hebrew Bible II

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course is Part Two of a year-long sequence in interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. In the Fall semester we read the Pentateuch, the Historical Books, and Psalms. In the Spring semester we focus on Prophets and the remaining books of the Writings. Class periods will be divided into three sections: lecture, discussion and skills …
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