Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

August 10, 2021 - December 31, 2025
Depends on individual courses.
Application fee of approximately $110, and then course fees.
A wide-ranging and comprehensive introduction to the Christian tradition, suitable for those with previous degrees and those without.

The Bachelor of Theology degree gives students a deep understanding of the Christian tradition. This degree includes study of the Bible and Biblical languages, Christian history, theology, philosophy of religion, and ethics. It also provides students with an opportunity to study non-Christian religions and consider Christianity in its contemporary, global context.

In this program, students acquire concrete tools applicable in many different professions: teaching, research, pastoral ministry, international relief with non-governmental organizations, social work, counselling, international affairs, non-profit program administration, businesses with community outreach, and journalism.

The Bachelor of Theology is an excellent first degree that may lead to further graduate studies, and is also suitable for those with previous degrees.