Living a Life of Forgiving: Honoring the Life, Ministry and Legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

Our sense of “being” is grounded in a healthy self-esteem and satisfaction with our lives. These can be burdened by our feeling wounded with hidden grief and mourning. Today’s uncertainty and anxiety make it even more difficult for us to engage in self-care, and to theologically frame our understanding of self-care as something positive and …
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Jonathan Edwards, Race, and Slavery–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

This course will explore the views and practices of British-American theologian, revivalist, and missionary Jonathan Edwards on race and slavery in the contexts of the “vast Americas” in general and of colonial New England in particular, showing the growth of African slavery and the slave trade, biblical and theological justifications for them, and evolving racial …
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Anglican History & Theology

Regent College

Modern Anglican identity is the product of a fascinating, oft-neglected history. Meet the people and explore the events—from early roots right up to the recent GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) movement—that have shaped the Anglican Church. Examine the core convictions, contentions, and concerns that have contributed to its theology, and read works from a variety …
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Anglican Pastoral Theology

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

This course is for all pastoral caregivers, for those who are fulfilling a call to tend to the sick, and those who make pastoral visitations in your congregation. This 10-week course will be taught by Jay Geisler on Wednesday nights from 7-8PM, starting on May 25. This course will be conducted weekly on Zoom. Class …
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VTS List of Courses for Auditors at the Master’s Level

Virginia Theological Seminary

The Auditor Program is design for those interested in taking master’s level courses at the Seminary without enrolling in a degree program or receiving credit. This option is designed for alumni, clergy, and lay leaders seeking continuing education opportunities. Students who already have earned a bachelor’s degree may apply to be an Auditor, a status …
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Reading and Tutorial program

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

A distance-education program that offers theological education to prepare people for ministry in a local context. Our Reading and Tutorial program makes theological education available to people preparing for ministry who are unable to relocate to Montreal. It is designed to provide students a basic introduction to the fundamentals of the Christian tradition and prepare …
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Episcopal and Anglican Studies at Candler

Candler School of Theology at Emory University

This page links to a specialization within their MDiv program as well as to what seems to be a stand-alone certificate program.  

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Yale Divinity School

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Study by Independent Students

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Looking to explore theological education but not ready to commit to a degree? Start here! The college welcomes applications from independent students who wish to take individual courses, whether as part of their discernment for ministry, as continuing education credit, or to further their interest in Christianity. Credit earned as an independent student may be …
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