Being Human in God’s World: How the Old Testament Helps Us Understand Our Humanity in a Complex and Broken World

Regent College

Who are we? Why are we here? How did we get in such a mess, and what should we do about it? These questions are the perennial questions of humanity in writing, philosophy, song… And they are the questions that underlying much of the Old Testament. In the wonderful, colourful stories and teaching of the …
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1 Peter

Regent College

Go deep into the exegetical, theological, and pastoral aspects of 1 Peter—one of the few, if not the only, New Testament texts to focus on the marginalization of first-century Christians in the Roman Empire. Explore non-Pauline writings and Christian theology, and come away with a deeper understanding of how the early Christians demonstrated faith under …
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Anglican History & Theology

Regent College

This course integrates history and theology together in away that shows how doctrine matters in shaping the mission of the church in every generation. It gives the opportunity for students to discover how doctrine has been contextualized in church practice, and how God has restored and renewed his wayward church time and again.

Exploring Indigenous Perspectives in Church Leadership: A Māori Lens

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course explores the “why” behind Indigenous leadership, framed by global Indigenous perspectives related to self-determination, cultural identity, community well-being and the recognition of Indigenous rights.  It examines the intersection of these themes with Indigenous Christian leadership, using Māori contexts in Aotearoa New Zealand as a comparative illustration. Learners will engage with Western leadership theories such …
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Shaping Your Future Leadership

Regent College

Now is the moment to review and shape the leadership you bring. We will explore recognising your voice and influence, owning your life decisions, recognising the shadow you cast, knowing what energises and looking ahead with grounded hope. We will draw from the experiences of leaders in different sectors and nations. We will explore the …
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Reading the Times: Christian Responses to the News of the Day

Regent College

What role should the news play in the life of a disciple of Christ? This may seem like a contemporary concern, one made acute by political polarization, social media, and ubiquitous screens. And indeed we are living through a time when technological and cultural forces are causing drastic upheavals in the news industry. This course …
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Christology Ancient and Modern

Regent College

This course explores the person of Jesus and how he has been understood through the ages. We begin with the representations of Jesus in the Gospels, study how the early church made sense of Jesus as a God-man, and look at how people see Jesus today. We will also see how the doctrine of Christ …
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Christology & Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel

Regent College

In this course, we will embark on a journey through the Gospel of Mark, unraveling the narrative portrayal of Jesus (Christology) and the profound implications of following him (discipleship). Our primary focus will be on Mark’s interpretation and application of the Servant motif from the book of Isaiah. This pervasive motif serves as a powerful …
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The Holy Spirit & the Arts

Regent College

For centuries many have perceived a strong bond between the work of the Spirit and artistic creativity. Talk of inspiration, spirituality, and the life of the spirit abounds when the arts are in view. This course asks why this might be so. What is it about the arts that lends themselves so easily to “spirit-talk”, …
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