Anglican Homiletics

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

This course is both for the student preacher and the experienced preacher. Preaching is an integral part of the Anglican tradition. This course builds on previous training in homiletics but is appropriate for preachers with extensive or limited experience. Throughout the course, the spirituality of preaching will be stressed especially for preachers involved in bivocational …
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Navigating Conflict: Speaking the Truth in Love

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

Reconciliation is the mission of the Church; and reconciliation is not the absence of conflict but rather the navigation of it. When approached with skill and grounded in Christ’s love, conflict is a healthy process through which we fully encounter our neighbor, we learn about ourselves, and ultimately leads to unity amidst difference. In this …
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Online Digital Marketing Lunch and Learn

Anglican Diocese Of Montreal (The)

A series of Mini Workshops by Marketing Experts. In preparation for the Advent/Christmas season you are invited to consider how marketing tools can assist you. Industry experts will walk you through concepts to support your marketing efforts. All levels are encouraged to attend.

Christian Faith and Practice in a (Post)Modern World

Regent College

While faith in Jesus Christ has never come easily, there are certain features of modern—and now purportedly “postmodern”—societies that seem to make Christian faith and discipleship particularly perplexing. These features are commonly discussed under the heading of “secularization,” a term which points to the fact that traditional Christian understanding and institutions have grown progressively less …
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Cultural Hermeneutics: Engaging with World with the Word

Regent College

“Cultural Hermeneutics” aims to expand and hone students’ self-awareness and capabilities as interpreters and creative agents promoting truth, goodness and beauty in the world, standing within the purview of Christ and his kingdom. A general analysis of reality and the human world in relation to it will be augmented by the introduction of social-scientific concepts …
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List of Courses and Programs

Luther Seminary

This page should have the list of currently available offerings, both courses in person and downloadable series.  

Biblical Storytelling Worshops

Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

The NBSC offers monthly workshops and training events for a small fee, and makes them available after the fact in their online event library.

Certificate in Bilingual Ministry

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

For fluent English speakers seeking to engage with, lead, and participate comfortably and proficiently in French or bilingual ministry and spiritual care settings. The certificate in bilingual ministry attests to the recipient’s proficiency in exercising pastoral ministry in both English and French. The criteria for obtaining the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry are linguistic rather than …
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