Art in a Time of Crisis

Regent College

Discover the vital role of the arts in times of precarity, examining artistic practices born amidst crises. Awaken yourself to the prophetic witness of the arts, asking why so many people turn to the arts during times of struggle. Together we’ll explore the lives and work of artists such as Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, the …
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Hacking Christian Ethics: Spiritual Resources for Living in a Digital World–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

In this course, we will bring theological and scriptural understandings into conversation with the current digital technological shifts.  In response to the new technologies, we will practice ethical discernment for our everyday digital lives and examine approaches grounded in forgiveness, integrity, diversity, and social and ecological justice.  We will center the question: what does God …
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Communicating Communion: Thomas Merton and Christian Imagination in the Face of Social Crisis

Vancouver School Of Theology

Through this course we will focus on what Merton said about his public vocation as a Christian writer-monk in the face of social crisis, and how that communicative vocation continues in relation to present-day readers. This class takes place in intensive-format over 3 days – either in person at VST or via Zoom (synchronous):    

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

Wycliffe College

This course is an introduction to Christian apologetics and its relationship to evangelism. The course will teach the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian apologetics. Additionally, the course will serve as a primer of cultural exegesis and cultural hermeneutics, the goal of which is to equip students with the critical analytical tools to engage …
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Understanding, Exploring, & Managing Bias and Burnout: Via Webcast | A SELF-GUIDED COURSE

Luther Seminary

You like to be productive, so you’ve learned to stay busy. It’s nice to feel needed, so you never say “no.” Your job is to care for everyone, so you neglect your own well-being. Until you can’t. Burnout makes it hard to manage much of anything well, and that includes our built-in biases and default …
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List of Courses and Programs

Luther Seminary

This page should have the list of currently available offerings, both courses in person and downloadable series.  

Biblical Storytelling Worshops

Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

The NBSC offers monthly workshops and training events for a small fee, and makes them available after the fact in their online event library.