Certificate in Bilingual Ministry

September 20, 2022 - December 31, 2025
Dates to be determined each year; the week long intensive usually takes place in May.
Application and Evaluation: $150 French for Ministry Intensive Course: $500 Final Evaluation and Completion: $150

For fluent English speakers seeking to engage with, lead, and participate comfortably and proficiently in French or bilingual ministry and spiritual care settings.

The certificate in bilingual ministry attests to the recipient’s proficiency in exercising pastoral ministry in both English and French. in 2024, the dates for this French intensive training are May 6-10th.

The criteria for obtaining the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry are linguistic rather than theological or pastoral. Previous theological education is not a prerequisite to the program. Assessment is based on the ability to use the second language in various pastoral contexts. The certificate may be completed as part of another academic program at the college such as the Master of Divinity, or it may be completed as a stand-alone award. At the present time, the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry program as a stand-alone award is designed for those who speak English fluently to demonstrate and attest to their competency in French. However, Francophone students enrolled in degree programs at the college may be awarded the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry after successful completion of the In Ministry Year and other such requirements as the college may establish.

The Program

When a student applies for the Certificate, they are evaluated by a French as a second language (FSL) teacher to determine their level of French. On the basis of this evaluation, the FSL teacher will make recommendations for further study of the French language and possible courses to pursue this study. Resources to learn the specific terminology for ministry will be provided. Students pursue these studies on their own time and return for an evaluation at a later date to see if they are making progress toward completing the learning outcomes described below. All students in the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry will enroll in the French for Ministry week-long intensive offered each year by the college once they have achieved an intermediate level of French (proficiency Level B on the scale used by the federal government). This course will be offered in person in Montreal. The FSL teacher (or instructor for the intensive) will establish minimum competencies in French to be admitted to the course and ensure all students meet those competencies.