Changing Church: Missional Practices and/for Beloved Community

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

What does it mean to lead during a time of religious, sociocultural, and environmental upheaval? What can churches do differently to better reflect and nurture gospel values and God’s dream of a just, reconciled, Spirit-filled world? This course in missional leadership will ask these and related questions. We will explore concepts and experience practices of …
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Reimagining Church

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

The course is for anyone eager and willing to explore Christian faith in a fresh way that is at the same time ancient and yet relevant to today’s world. Are you frustrated by the decline in church attendance and ministry participation at your parish? Perhaps you’re hearing the buzz around terms like “missional church,” “discipleship,” …
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The Sacred Art of Storytelling

New Leaf Network

The sacred art of storytelling is present in every aspect of human life and faith. Stories can heal us. Stories can illuminate our limitations and failures. Stories can encourage us and bring us hope. They can draw us into deeper ways of following Jesus. Come and learn from academics and practitioners in a Learning Centre …
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Spiritual Memoir: Where a Life Meets Mystery

Episcopal House of Prayer (The)

Each person’s life is a sacred story—unique, laden with insight and eager for engagement.  When we write our experiences, we discover patterns in the details, open ourselves to surprises, and participate in meaning-making.  Writing memories, done with intention, becomes a transformational practice. Join Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, author of Writing the Sacred Journey and Living Revision, for this introductory …
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Chinese Art & the Gospel: From the Tang Dynasty to Today

Vancouver School Of Theology

PURPOSE: The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the history of Chinese Christian Art from the Tang Dynasty to the contemporary era, while also exploring the development of Chinese Church architecture. Additionally, I will share my personal journey as a Christian artist.   Having served as a former board member of ACAA …
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Prophets of Love: St. Paul and Leonard Cohen

Vancouver School Of Theology

By comparing and contrasting Paul with Leonard Cohen, another “Apostle to the Gentiles,” this course explores radically new perspectives on the lives and writings of both. Themes include: 1/ Paul, Leonard, and Judaism, 2/ asceticism, 3/ mysticism, 4/ Paul, Leonard, and Jesus, 5/ Paul, Leonard and women, 6/ Paul, Leonard, and masculinity, 7/ Paul and …
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Festival of Biblical Storytelling, 2025

Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada

The Wonder of the word. Spirit’s Play in Biblical Telling. We are five years into the festival adventure for the Network of Biblical Storytellers Canada and we can’t wait any longer to share our joy as we introduce 2025’s Keynote Speaker: Storyteller and Singer/Songwriter, Canada’s own, Linnea Good. We are thrilled that she agreed to …
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Vocational and Continuing Education Course Calendar

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

From the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania; these should be kept up to date for each term.