Transforming Power, Prejudice and Privilege

Credence and Co.

Facilitator(s): Betty Pries and Cayla Charles Recognizing that our social structures and personal biases can get in the way of commitment to respecting our colleagues and community members, this interactive workshop will engage themes of prejudice, power, and privilege in a manner that honours all voices in the room while also challenging the biases and …
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Seeking Transformation–A Retreat for Christians Settlers

Five Oaks Centre

This embodied retreat provides an opportunity for Christian Settlers to confront the longstanding history of European Christians/Christianity harming Indigenous peoples, exemplified in Church participation in Residential Schools, and then to envision and work towards a different future. The retreat demonstrates that the founding of Residential Schools and settler colonialism itself exposed the colonization of our …
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Make Me an Instrument of Peace: Civil Discourse Training

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

Civil discourse is a critical part of engaging in our civic life together, as it can help us to bridge partisan political divides, learn from one another, and create better solutions to the problems in our communities. But what is civil discourse? Is it different from civility? Based on the online class created by The …
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Faith in the Future Talks

Virginia Theological Seminary

This event is brought to you by the TryTank Experimental Lab in the department of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary What is the church of the future? Will church—as we know it—even exist? Author and noted futurist Bob Johansen, a distinguished fellow with the Institute for the Future, will join a small audience from around the church to …
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Feminist Leadership For Justice, Equity and Ecology

St. Francis Xavier University

Women leaders across the globe are dealing with dispossession from resources, capabilities, and a form of discursive ‘development’ which is deeply rooted in a capitalist and patriarchal order. In the current milieu – as women leaders face further marginalization, cultural exclusivity, and the Covid-19 pandemic – we offer this online discourse hinged on power, patriarchy, …
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THE CONNECTORS FOUR: Missional leadership cohort

Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI

Listen. Learn. Experiment. Connect. Applications and expressions of interest are welcomed for our missional leadership learning cohort, called The Connectors FOUR. Deadline is midnight Dec. 12th. *Do you sense that God is nudging you to try something new?  *To reach out to people who might never come to Sunday morning worship?  *To be the hands, …
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Programs at Restoring Connections

Restoring Connections (formerly the Center for Spirituality at Work)

Currently there is no single page that lists all of their courses, however the Programs menu item lists everything, and the home page gives a quick overview.

List of Courses and Programs

Luther Seminary

This page should have the list of currently available offerings, both courses in person and downloadable series.  

Deacon Certificate Program

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

Curriculum – Deacon Track Fulfilling all the requirements of the Stevenson School for a certificate does not guarantee your ordination.  Your Bishop and your Commission on Ministry will make final determinations.  However, our curriculum leading to a certificate is an ideal way to prepare you for this ministry. To apply for this certification track, please …
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Certificate in Faith-Based Community Development

Wycliffe College

Develop new skills to help your faith group, church, or religious NGO navigate, design, and implement transformative change. Community leaders of faith-based organizations directly face the opportunities and challenges of their neighbourhoods, towns, and cities in Canada and internationally. Learn to employ place-based tools and practices to strengthen your organizational effectiveness, community resilience, and partnerships. …
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