Intersections: a Dialogue Series on Racism

Anglican Diocese of British Columbia

This is our fourth offering of this highly popular anti-racism series. Capacity is limited to 30ppl/session. Register early. This session will run online on Wednesdays, from 7pm-9pm, from September 28 to November 9, 2022. Intersections: A Dialogue Series is an opportunity to engage with Challenging Racist ‘British Columbia’: 150 Years and Counting (CRBC). Produced as part of the …
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HOWARD THURMAN: The Writing of Jesus and the Disinherited; a Retreat Day led by Lerita Coleman Brown

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Explore Howard Thurman’s life and contemplative witness and what it might mean for us in today’s challenging world. In the contemplation of the earth, I know I am surrounded by the love of God. — Howard Thurman Through audio teaching, guided meditation, reflection questions and invitations into silence, Lerita Coleman Brown invites you into intentional …
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Feminist Leadership For Justice, Equity and Ecology

Coady International Institute (The)

Women leaders across the globe are dealing with dispossession from resources, capabilities, and a form of discursive ‘development’ which is deeply rooted in a capitalist and patriarchal order. In the current milieu – as women leaders face further marginalization, cultural exclusivity, and the Covid-19 pandemic – we offer this online discourse hinged on power, patriarchy, …
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Indigenous Women in Leadership

Coady International Institute (The)

Applications for this course are open to First Nations (status or non-status), Métis, and Inuit participants residing in Canada only.  Click here to apply  Click here for downloadable PDF Indigenous women traditionally held places of honour, respect, and leadership within their families and communities as our advisors and caretakers of life, lands, and …
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Future of Work and Workers

Coady International Institute (The)

The unprecedented convergence of the forces of globalization, urbanization, changing demographics, and climate change are already fundamentally changing the way we live and work. While the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics have improved productivity and efficiency and increased convenience, they have raised concerns over the number of jobs being lost due to …
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Black Women’s Radical Self-Love (Mini) Virtual Retreat Series Fall 2022

Kirkridge Retreat Center

Details & Online Registration Program information Although we live in incredibly challenging times—and as black women we continue to be some of the people experiencing the greatest challenges in our world—we are not powerless. We can help change the world by changing how we feel about ourselves. Remembering our own self-worth is one of the …
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Certificate in Bilingual Ministry

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

For fluent English speakers seeking to engage with, lead, and participate comfortably and proficiently in French or bilingual ministry and spiritual care settings. The certificate in bilingual ministry attests to the recipient’s proficiency in exercising pastoral ministry in both English and French. The criteria for obtaining the Certificate in Bilingual Ministry are linguistic rather than …
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