Weaving Our Stories: An Interfaith Women’s+ Conference

October 4, 2024 - October 6, 2024
October 4-6, 2024. Time: Friday at 3 pm – Sunday 1:30 pm
Offered by Five Oaks Centre
Pay-what-you-can Fee Options: *We are delighted to announce that Sharing Our Stories: An Interfaith Women’s+ Conference is offering a pay-what-you-can pricing model, made possible through generous grant funding. Our unwavering commitment to accessible intercultural programming drives us to ensure that everyone can participate. Please pay the amount that is best for you. Full payments ensure full participation for all women+. Thank you! To attend the program with Accommodation, Meals and Programming: Overnight (A) $506.00 - Full Price Overnight (B) $253.00* - Subsidized Price Overnight (C) $120.00* - Subsidized Price If you do not require overnight accommodation, but still want to participate in the Meals & Programming: Commuter (A) $200.00 (Includes program and all meals) Commuter (B) $120.00* (Includes program and all meals)

In this conference, we will be creating a space to gather to share our stories and discern, explore a renewed joy and commitment to continue to live in peace and love.

Weaving Our Stories
Within your heart there is a story… a story that is unique to you. We all carry sacred stories … stories that shape our life, determine our choices, dictate our values, and influence our character and behaviors. Getting in touch with those stories help us connect to one another other, make sense of the world around us and most importantly make sense of our lives and ourselves.

Join us for Weaving Our Stories: An Interfaith Women’s+ Conference, where we will use storytelling to explore our personal narratives and listen to our Body Whispers before they turn into screams. You will be invited to embark on a 7-step journey exploring ways of finding order in chaos, light in darkness, and meaning in a suffering world. We’ll be sharing our stories, growing together, learning from and connecting to one another. We’ll be drawing from the wisdom of various culture and faith traditions for discernment and meaning-making in our everyday lives. We will hold a sacred space for reflecting on questions such as: What is my Call for Adventure at this point of my journey? Where is my path leading me? What is my heart telling me? What am I not ready to surrender? What restores my energy? What is joy? What is freedom?

By accepting this Call for Adventure, you will be delving into your inner world unraveling layers of stories & meaning; integrating, assessing, and healing all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Join us for Weaving Our Stories: An Interfaith Women’s+ Conference on October 4th to 6th, 2024 at Five Oaks Centre. Embark on a transformative journey where the vibrant tapestry of diversity comes alive! Join us for a soul-enriching experience that transcends boundaries, embracing the beauty of shared stories and fostering connections between cultures and faith traditions.

Women’s+ means that this conference welcomes all women including cis and trans women, of all faiths, cultures, and spirituality.

Keynote Presenter: Dr. Amira Ayad – helping people on their health and healing journey for more than 20 years now, committed to authentic, caring and a beacon of love and peace.

Interfaith Ceremony Leader: Niki André – using circle songs as a way to connect people across different cultures and faiths… infused with embodied practices, inspiring reflection and resonant spoken word.

What to expect:
Harmony in Diversity: Stories Interwoven, Found Hope. Immerse yourself in the power of storytelling as we weave a collective narrative, celebrating the richness of our diverse backgrounds, identities, across generations. From tears to laughter, let our stories become threads that bind us together in unity.
Cultural & Faith Connections: Building Bridges Beyond Borders. Experience the joy of building meaningful relationships with women from various culture and faith traditions. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share traditions, and discover the common threads that unite us, creating lasting bonds that go beyond societal barriers.
Expressive Arts and Cultural Fusion: Ignite your creativity through expressive arts that transcend language barriers. Engage in collaborative artistic projects that meld cultural influences, creating a visual representation of our shared journey.
Food that Excites and Nourishes: Delight your taste buds with a culinary adventure featuring diverse treats from around the world. Share and savor dishes that carry the flavors of our unique backgrounds, fostering a sense of camaraderie through the universal language of food.
Soulful Learning: Engaging Mind, Body, and Spirit. Allow time to process and reflect, through mindfulness, ceremony, and connection to our mother the Earth. Gather at sunrise to greet the day and offer gratitude, connect with the land and learn from her wisdom.
Join us on this exhilarating adventure of cultural celebration, connection, and empowerment. This Intercultural & Interfaith Women’s+ Retreat is where diversity meets unity, and where our stories intertwine to create a tapestry of lasting friendships. Embrace the adventure!

Event Flow (subject to change)
3:00 Registration, Settle in
5:00 Welcome
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Opening Ceremony
Keynote: The Call to Adventure: Initiation
9:00 Snack

8:00 Breakfast
9-12:00 Keynote – The Road of Trials: Challenges and Fears as We Step into the Unknown
12:30 Lunch
1-3:00 Free Time
3-5 Expressive Arts
5:30 Dinner
7-9 Expressive Arts
9:00 Campfire, Snack

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Keynote -The Road Back: The Alchemy of Joy
10:45 Closing Ceremony
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Departure