Spiritual Discernment: Decision-Making & the Voice of Jesus

Regent College

This course is an introduction to the art of spiritual discernment, which will enable students to recognize and respond to the prompting or inner witness of the Spirit. The course will provide a model for effective decision-making that will incorporate the wisdom of the Christian heritage. The primary focus will be upon seeking the wisdom …
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Abide: Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Leadership Transformations

Abide considers ten topics that are relevant to Christian spiritual formation. The topics are explored through readings, teachings, conversations with authors, group discussions and communal prayer. The curriculum offers an orientation for personal spiritual growth that is based on the fruit of the Holy Spirit that will be evidenced in the lives of those who …
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Emmaus Certificate in Formational Leadership

Leadership Transformations

“Take care how you listen.” – The words of Jesus to his disciples, Luke 8 Emmaus is a place, an environment, a culture where spiritual growth occurs. Together we are learning disciplines, habits and rhythms that give honor and time to the consistent, incremental, hidden working of the Holy Spirit. In Emmaus, we are learning …
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