Towards Oneness and Mercy: Exploring the Foundations of Islam

Yale Divinity School

What is Islam? This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to understanding and engaging with Islamic tradition, practice and culture–and it will thus enable participants to offer answers to this far from straightforward question. In particular, the course will engage with Islam as a living tradition – a vibrant faith that is constantly and dynamically …
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VST Current Course Listings

Vancouver School Of Theology

Many of the courses in this list are both online and in-person. Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to list all of the online courses.  

Themed Study: Easter and Passover

Yale Divinity School

The spring holidays of Passover and Easter have been intertwined since the earliest periods of Christianity. Each represents the defining event of Judaism and Christianity, respectively: the Exodus from Egypt and the resurrection of Jesus. This course discusses the biblical origins of the two holidays; how Easter grew out of Passover; and how the holidays …
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