The Table, New Leaf Network National Event

New Leaf Network

We’ve been hearing from spiritual leaders and Jesus-followers all across Canada that they’re weary. For so many, the pandemic and the difficulties of this present moment in Canada have simply caused the reservoir to go dry. Pastors, planters, priests, and ministry leaders give so much of their time offering a meal to others, they often …
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Racial Justice and Radical Hospitality: A Biblical Approach

Regent College

Explore hope and expose weakness in the church’s vocation to share God’s radical hospitality to all nations. Gain insight into biblical, practical ways that churches can practice racial justice in their congregation and community. Wrestle with the sin of racism and xenophobia, deal with its past and present reality in our churches, and push on …
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Advanced Theology for Ministry Practitioners

Acadia Divinity College

DMIN 83XX Covenant and Treaty in Biblical and North American Indigenous Perspective – In conjunction with the NAIITS: Indigenous Learning Community’s annual symposium from Jun 3–5, this course will focus on the historical and modern notions of treaty in the North American  Indigenous context, with a view to comparing and drawing insight from the biblical …
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Rediscovering the Heart of Methodism: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Duke Divinity School (Duke University)

Methodism has been fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that empowers communities of faith to pursue the holistic vision of human flourishing found in Scripture. In this course, you’ll explore the wisdom offered by Methodism’s rich history of entrepreneurship and learn to imagine fresh ways you and your church can bear witness to the reign of …
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Entrepreneurship: Innovations in Business and Not-for-Profit

Regent College

Strengthen your entrepreneurial leadership and leave empowered to take risks, seek opportunities, and pursue innovation in your vocation of organizational leadership. Discover the essential role entrepreneurial leadership plays in a rapidly changing world, seeing how it can bring renewal and long-term health to any organization. With a main focus on business and a supportive study …
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Systematic Theology Overview

Regent College

Gain an introductory grasp of the central doctrines and tasks of Christian theology. Learn to think doctrinally in the context of our current moment, situating theology within the industrialized West’s post-Christian context. Reflect on Christianity’s central doctrines in relation to a contemporary society that’s constituted by deep pluralisms and where the logic of Christian thought …
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The Reforming Pope: Francis for Protestants and Others

Vancouver School Of Theology

We will examine the personality, history and ecclesiastical career of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and will explore two key primary texts of his reforming pontificate. Course will be taught in person at VST, and via Zoom for distance students (degree students must connect synchronously if studying via Zoom)  

The Gospel of Mark: A Political Theological Bible Study

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course will go through the gospel of Mark with a political theology perspective. Drawing from people like Ched Myers, Richard Hays, and Wink, the aim is to give students the best damn bible study they ever had. Course will be taught in person at VST, and via Zoom for distance students (degree students must …
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Leading Change without Losing Your Soul

Vancouver School Of Theology

Transformational Leadership is absolutely dependent on the leader’s own ongoing transformation and ability to lead others into a process of shared transformation through ongoing learning and navigating loss. Course will be taught in person at VST, and via Zoom for distance students (certificate & degree students must connect synchronously)