Master of Theological Studies

September 1, 2020 - December 31, 2025
407 Chapel Drive Duke Box #90968

Program Overview


The M.T.S. program features a two-year curriculum that covers foundational areas of history, theology, and Scripture with the flexibility to pursue electives in one’s area of interest. Students also complete a thesis under faculty direction during their final year.

The M.T.S Core curriculum requires the completion of 7 core courses and is appropriate for students seeking a wide variety careers, including lay ministry, teaching, and deacon’s orders. The M.T.S Focus curriculum allows students with extensive theological preparation in their undergraduate studies to focus their course work in a specific area that aligns with faculty divisions (Historical Studies, Biblical Studies, or Theology and Ethics). For both the M.T.S. Core and M.T.S. Focus programs, students will complete 16 courses and write a thesis.

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