Racial Justice and Radical Hospitality: A Biblical Approach

Regent College

Explore hope and expose weakness in the church’s vocation to share God’s radical hospitality to all nations. Gain insight into biblical, practical ways that churches can practice racial justice in their congregation and community. Wrestle with the sin of racism and xenophobia, deal with its past and present reality in our churches, and push on …
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Living a Life of Forgiving: Honoring the Life, Ministry and Legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

Our sense of “being” is grounded in a healthy self-esteem and satisfaction with our lives. These can be burdened by our feeling wounded with hidden grief and mourning. Today’s uncertainty and anxiety make it even more difficult for us to engage in self-care, and to theologically frame our understanding of self-care as something positive and …
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The Mysterious Manner of Flannery O’Connor

Regent College

Immerse yourself in Flannery O’Connor’s world—bewildering and odd as it is—and walk away enchanted. Discover the method behind her madness by getting to know her work and life. Together we’ll read her collection of essays, Mystery and Manners, and then plunge into some of her best short stories. Along the way, we’ll learn about O’Connor’s life …
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Black Gospel Music–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

This course studies the black gospel tradition, focusing on the genre’s distinctive combination of sound and belief. Music, movement, and conviction, the three expressions gospel holds together, will be explored through three interpretive lenses: exemplary performers, pivotal periods, and formal processes. This week’s work will bring material and approaches from the fields of musicology, music …
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Biblical Values–Not for credit

Yale Divinity School

Many people in the modern world claim to espouse biblical values. This course will examine what the Bible has to say about several issues that are controversial in the modern world, including right to life, gender,  social justice and the environment . It will also reflect on the difficulty of identifying a single, or even …
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Research Methods for Social Impact

Coady International Institute (The)

Increasingly, the importance of community-led innovation and research is being recognized by funders and other stakeholders as important to the resiliency and sustainability of communities and community-based organizations. This perception is rooted in the growing body of evidence supporting the importance of the community’s voice at the table when creating programs and policies that have …
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Male and Female in Christ

Regent College

Explore New Testament texts on sex and gender, marriage, singleness, and more with contemporary questions of sexuality in mind. Discover how Scripture speaks to—and also queries, subverts, and transforms—contemporary concerns of embodiment, sexuality, gender dysphoria, and similar issues. Gain insight and thoughtfully integrate this knowledge alongside contemporary approaches to questions of sex, gender, and sexuality. …
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Fearless Dialogues in Church & Community

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course outlines the theoretical and pedagogical framework utilized in Fearless Dialogues community conversations to create unique spaces for unlikely partners to engage in hard, heartfelt conversations.  Particular attention will be given to the life and work of 20th and 21st century faith leaders, who equally value the epistemic quality of theory, community engagement, and …
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Communicating Communion: Thomas Merton and Christian Imagination in the Face of Social Crisis

Vancouver School Of Theology

Through this course we will focus on what Merton said about his public vocation as a Christian writer-monk in the face of social crisis, and how that communicative vocation continues in relation to present-day readers. This class takes place in intensive-format over 3 days – either in person at VST or via Zoom (synchronous):    

Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Spirituality of Confessing Christ & Resisting Tyranny

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course is an opportunity to learn from the story and theological writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Confessing Church of the mid-20th century in Germany. In the context of the struggle for faithfulness in the midst of the Nazi era, we will learn how Bonhoeffer’s theological commitments flowed into his spirituality and political resistance. …
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