International Training course “Introduction to Healing of Memories”

Institute for Healing of Memories

Course Leader – Fr. Michael Lapsley, SSM The Institute for the Healing of Memories seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities and nations. Our work is grounded in the belief that we are all in need of healing because of what we have done, what we have failed to do, and what …
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Oppression and Resistance

Centre for Christian Studies

A social justice learning circle on systems of oppressions (racism, sexism, heterosexism, colonialism, etc.), models of change, and theologies of resistance (liberation theology, feminist theology, queer theology, etc.)

Race and the Spiritual Journey

Kirkridge Retreat Center

As spiritual beings experiencing our humanity – Does racism seem too big to tackle? Do you see it as other people’s problem? Does it seem like an issue for our less enlightened siblings? If you are living in this country at this time, race is part of your spiritual journey. Learn how you have been …
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Howard Thurman: Overview and Links to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Online Course

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

There is in every person an inward sea… — Howard Thurman Would you benefit from taking a day this New Year to rejuvenate, recharge, and refocus? Join Shalem for a retreat day —ONLINE. Shalem retreat day leader Lerita Coleman Brown is featured in Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story.  Consider the documentary while …
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2020 GEMN Global Mission Conference in Indianapolis

Episcopal News Service

Are you passionate about global mission? Do you want to get involved in mission but don’t know where to start? Are you an experienced mission leader, but want to take your global mission engagement to the next level? This is your conference! The Global Episcopal Mission Network will hold its 2020 Global Mission Conference April …
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