CALL Church History: Anglican Identity

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

  Church History: Anglican Identity introduces learners to the history and culture of churches that call themselves Anglican or Episcopal – our origins, our evolution, our contentions and our commonalities. Particularly, we will examine Anglican approaches to the church, mission, spirituality, worship, ordained ministry, human being, ecumenism and realignment. This course will equip you with …
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Facing Choices: Ethics in the Anglican Tradition

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

  Ethics in the Anglican tradition draws on a rich history of discourse as we strive to engage with our faith, living it out in an imperfect world and Church. Whether we are struggling to justify sacramental liturgy and church hierarchy in the face of Puritan attack, or determining church policy on inclusion of women …
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Practicing Spirituality with Anglicans – (E-Course)

Spirituality & Practice

By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat   Anglicans (a.k.a Episcopalians) have contributed many rich resources to the wellspring of spirituality. We’ve tapped into that source to create this course consisting of 40 emails. Each email includes a thought-provoking quotation from an Anglican preacher, teacher, or spiritual director followed by a related practice suggestion. You are …
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