Living Wholeheartedly in These Uncertain Times: Virtual Circle of Trust ® Mini-Retreats

May 12, 2021 - June 9, 2021
Two separate retreats: Wednesday May 12, 2021 (4-6pm ET) and Wednesday, June 9, 2021 (4-6pm ET) (Limited to 22 participants for each retreat)
About pricing: Kirkridge is committed to providing heartfelt and generous programming that is available to all. And we need your help to continue doing so. The cost of providing this program is approximately $25 per person per gathering. Please support this program if you are able. We will be grateful if you could contribute an additional amount to help cover the costs of others and as always, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

How might we live “whole” and “hearted” in these particular and uncertain times? Using metaphor from the natural world, poetry and passages from various wisdom traditions, music and the visual arts, and listening and sharing, we will spend time in quiet and community to explore the question, “How can I live wholeheartedly in these uncertain times?”

Everyone is welcome to participate in either or both of these 2-hour gatherings. The two retreats will offer different (but related) content; you do not need to attend the first in order to participate in the second. Participating in either of the single sessions, you will also experience a complete retreat.

Co-facilitators for these sessions are Caryl Creswell, Jeff Creswell, and Karen Noordhoff, all experienced facilitators prepared by the Center for Courage & Renewal. Enjoy learning more about them here.