Multivocational Ministry Toolkit

New Leaf Network

Ministry contexts in Canada are complex and changing. There are many ministers who are creatively combining several roles within a complex vocational calling that includes ministry beyond the congregational setting or vocations other than pastoral ministry. The Canadian Multivocational Ministry Project conducted research with people ministering in these contexts, and we are happy to share …
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Management and Leadership of Not for Profits Organisations

Wycliffe College

WYP1621H Summary: In this course, students examine several unique characteristics and roles of non-profit organizations, including urban agencies, NGOs, churches and community-based organizations. Core issues and practices pertaining to the effective management and leadership of non-profit organizations within diverse contexts will be explored. Students in this course will focus on six significant capacity areas of …
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Holy Listening –Learning to listen in faith community.

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

This 5-session module in small group formation will include storytelling, group check-ins, and listening for God through what is being shared in small groups. Led by The Rev. Marsha Roscoe.  

Summer Mini-Courses for a COVID-shaped World

Calvin Theological Seminary

Calvin Theological Seminary, in collaboration with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching, is offering courses designed to support your ministry leadership amidst the ongoing pandemic. These online mini-courses focus on key ministry challenges you face today. With a commitment of about four hours per week for three weeks, each …
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Faithful Anti-Racism in a Global Context

Calvin Theological Seminary

This course will survey the global influences and far-reaching impact of American Christian racism. We will discuss the global phenomenon of white dominant evangelicalism, the currency of colorism, the essential components of caste systems, and the complicity and strengths of Christianity in racialization and anti-racism. INSTRUCTED BY: Christina Edmondson  

Organizational Leadership and Decision Making in a COVID-Shaped World

Calvin Theological Seminary

Using student submitted case studies from a variety of leadership settings and contexts, this course will engage students in curated conversations about effective leadership in an ever changing world. Students will engage focused and generative reading designed to spark their leadership imagination. These readings will be enhanced by engaging lecture material that seeks to encourage …
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Regent College Summer Programs (Starting in May)

Regent College

With a full slate of graduate courses covering Bible and theology, plus issue-specific courses on work, race, gender, kinship, and more, our 2021 Summer Programs lineup has something for everyone—and all of it will be accessible online! There’s one exception: Technology, Wilderness & Creation (a.k.a. The Boat Course). Circumstances permitting, we still hope to make …
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Graduate Certificate in Ministry

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Ministry receive a foundational understanding of ministry equipping them for broad service to the church. Required courses include theology or history; Bible; and two Preaching and Communications, Introduction to Caring Ministry, or other Ministry Studies courses. Ministry certificate grads may elect to later complete the Seminary’s Master of …
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Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

The last 50 years have seen sweeping changes in technology, international travel, communication, and culture that have profoundly impacted how American Christians and their local congregations and parishes engage in God’s mission. In the decades leading up to the 1960s, denominational and mission agency executives conceptualized mission, assessed and prioritized needs, and made most of …
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