Guilt, Shame, and Storytelling

Luther Seminary

Faced with an opportunity to tell an uncomfortable truth, a lot of us feel the need to “clean it up” before sharing. When that happens, we end up creating edited, sanitized versions of our stories that ultimately leave us feeling cut off from our community. More often than not, guilt and shame are the things …
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Leading the Church Through Transformation, Change and Renewal ONLINE

Credence and Co.

This four-morning workshop is suitable for anyone involved in a leadership role in a congregation, and is not limited to pastoral staff, in fact bringing some key lay leaders may be beneficial to some congregations. Frequently we hear that people resist change. Does this have to be true? Could we find ways of engaging change, …
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Going Deeper: Clergy Spiritual Life and Leadership

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

  Do you yearn to reconnect with your original call and passion? Are you searching for a more grounded way of embracing and responding to the challenges 
and blessings of ministry? Would you treasure a supportive and caring colleague group with whom to share your journey? Are you looking for a new way to live …
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Building Leadership Resilience for Ministry : Applying “The Working Genius”

Credence and Co.

(Two half days online – one full day credit equivalent) Instructor: Marg Van Herk Paradis (The URL link for this course seems to take one to an introductory course for the Working Genius tool, but if you scroll down you can find the second course). During these unprecedented times, how can we minister from a …
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Understanding Conflict Foundations

Credence and Co.

This highly interactive and educational workshop invites you to consider the building blocks that create conflict and those that assist or detract in conflict’s resolution. The workshop includes reflection, conversation, and exercises as conflicts are studied and models for addressing conflicts are considered. Significant time will be given to skill building for effective speaking and …
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Understanding Conflict (Advanced)

Credence and Co.

This workshop, uses the two lenses of conflict drivers and conflict paradoxes, and considers seemingly intractable conflicts and their transformation.  Questions for consideration include the nature of intractability, de-escalation strategies, transforming intractable conflicts and engaging emotions. This workshop builds on Understanding Conflict: Foundations.  It is highly interactive, insightful, engaging and critical for all those who wish …
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Deepening Spirituality in Our Parishes

Virginia Theological Seminary

Discover varied methods for nurturing the spirituality of congregations. About this event This event is brought to you by the department of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary This online cohort will meet on four consecutive Thursday afternoons (Oct 7 – Oct 28) from 3 – 4:30 p.m. eastern. In 1971 Karl Rahner wrote, “The …
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Exploring how Saints of the Church reflect our Baptismal Covenant

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

In our Creeds, we profess belief in “the communion of Saints”.  This great cloud of witnesses represents the spectrum of humanity.  One thing they all have in common is a deep desire to reflect the love of Christ themselves into the world in which they lived. This 5-week course will explore the lives of selected …
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Leadership Qualities from Miriam & Moses to Jesus & Mary: Vision, Courage, & Meekness

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

The Prophets Miriam her brother Moses, “the meekest man in Israel” (Numbers 12:3), lead Israel from slavery in Egypt to national identity under God. Miriam leads the people in celebrating God’s deliverance at the Red Sea (Exodus 15); Moses mediates God’s Laws to Israel. In 1st CCE Israel, the prophet Jesus teaches God’s laws as …
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Developing a Contemplative Prayer Life: A Twelve-Step Approach

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

The Reverend Canon Ian Mobsby One of the great challenges for all those involved in new forms of ministry, mission, fresh expressions of church, and forming missional communities is that it can be utterly exhausting. Missioners as activists are expected to make things happen often in very difficult contexts with scarce resources. Working in such …
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