Co-Creating Plausible Futures for the Canadian Church

New Leaf Network

Balancing the Past, Present and Future As the church navigates the complexities of post-Christendom Canada, we know that people are seeing the trends in Canada that point to hopeful futures. We invite you to join this first symposium in the new series Conversations in the Canadian Church as we explore these hopeful themes. This event …
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Indigenous Ways of Knowing – Cultural Celebration and Drum Making

Sorrento Centre

Start your spring with a weekend of indigenous ways of knowing and traditional drum-making for adults! Our Friday evening begins after dinner with a smudge and a story by First Nations Knowledge Keeper, Bernice Jensen. Over the weekend, Bernice will guide authentic First Nations drum and rattle making while sharing traditional knowledge about the drum …
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Reckoning with Power: Why the Church Fails When It’s on the Wrong Side of Power; Book Club with David Fitch

New Leaf Network

Whenever the church has aligned itself with worldly, coercive power, it ends up on the wrong side of important justice issues. But when the church cooperates with God’s power through his presence among the least powerful, its witness for Jesus transforms the world and the church into a better place. Join us for a 4-week …
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Christian Ethics

Vancouver School Of Theology

When we encounter our own lives and the lives of others, several questions about responsibility and requirement are raised. Such questions often demand not only careful discernment but also decisive action. Yet many often wonder whether certain actions are right or wrong, just or unjust, good or evil. Others are restrained from action, debilitated by …
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Indigenous Theologies & Epistemologies

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course is an exploration of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. The course foci include Indigenous identity, Indigenous ways of teaching, ceremony, and their implication for the practice of theological reflection. The course focuses primarily upon Indigenous groups from North America and Hawaii, through dialogue, media, and assigned reading. Students will complete weekly assignments …
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Practicing Evangelism in a Post-Christendom World

Vancouver School Of Theology

This course is designed for students approaching ministry in pastoral and public contexts.  Located in the field of Mission Studies, this course will attend specifically to contemporary issues in evangelism, by analyzing and studying the history, practice, and effectiveness of how Christians share the gospel in the world, with a particular emphasis upon the Canadian …
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Asian and Asian American Study of Christianity

Candler School of Theology at Emory University

This course introduces the development in Asian and Asian American study of Christianity by senior scholars from various disciplines, including theology, biblical studies, practical theology, mission, interreligious dialogue, and gender and religion. It will challenge Eurocentrism in scholarship and explore methodology, emerging issues, and debates in the various fields using Asian/American identity as a critical …
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