The Table: A Shared Feast: Nourishing Hope for a Flourishing Future Church in Canada

New Leaf Network

The table is such an ordinary place… …yet set with food, drink and friends it can become a life-changing place where we can meet Jesus. There’s hidden goodness in these when we slow down and gather at the table from all the nooks and crannies, cities, and towns from coast-to-coast here in Canada. That’s why …
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The Spirit of Capitalism and the Witness of the Church

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

or decades, mission workers, pastors, and theologians have talked about the holistic dimensions of the gospel. We largely assume that the Good News has economic, social, and political dimensions. In practical terms, this means that our witness to the gospel must address racial and economic inequalities, racial ideologies, and economic exploitation. But how? Drawing upon …
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Adaptive Leadership in Anxious Times: Called to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

In these unprecedented times, God continues to lead us in new challenges where the precedented ways of leadership are not always helpful. Yet, this changed and ever-changing world remains the object of God’s missional intentions. God’s Spirit continues to give us gifts for these ventures of faith. We can join in God’s mission with confidence …
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Biblical Exegesis and Interpretation

Regent College

This course introduces students to the art of biblical exegesis and interpretation. It is designed to help students gain confidence in text analysis, become self-critically aware of the challenges and opportunities of reading the Bible in modern contexts, and consider the ongoing relevance of Scripture for the Christian life while remaining open to the work …
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Visual Art as Theology

Regent College

This is a course in Visual Theology, exploring the history of Christian art as a domain of Christian theological thinking through the centuries. Our approach will be to study works of visual art not as illustrating or translating theological texts into visual form but as theological “texts” in their own right—as theology conducted specifically in …
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Christian Faith and Practice in a (Post)Modern World

Regent College

While faith in Jesus Christ has never come easily, there are certain features of modern—and now purportedly “postmodern”—societies that seem to make Christian faith and discipleship particularly perplexing. These features are commonly discussed under the heading of “secularization,” a term which points to the fact that traditional Christian understanding and institutions have grown progressively less …
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History of Christianity I

Regent College

This survey course invites students to encounter the story of Christianity from the end of the New Testament era to the eve of the Reformation. The title “History of Christianity” (rather than an institutionally focused “Church History”) points to this course’s attention to the spread of Christian communities across Asia, Africa and Europe, and the theological, …
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Biblical Hermeneutics and Criticism

Regent College

Modernity and postmodernity have posed various challenges to the Christian Church, and one of these has been the burgeoning of new critical methods and perspectives with respect to biblical interpretation. This course aims to examine the assumptions, history, and variety of these methods; to probe the coherence and value of their perspectives; to trace the …
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Cultural Hermeneutics: Engaging with World with the Word

Regent College

“Cultural Hermeneutics” aims to expand and hone students’ self-awareness and capabilities as interpreters and creative agents promoting truth, goodness and beauty in the world, standing within the purview of Christ and his kingdom. A general analysis of reality and the human world in relation to it will be augmented by the introduction of social-scientific concepts …
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Sober Spirituality

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

Join the Rev. Erin Jean Warde in a 10-week discernment of how we are in relationship with alcohol. In this course, the discernment will be both interior and exterior, as you learn more about alcohol in the global and cultural context, and are given tools to look inward spiritually. You’ll explore how alcohol affects us …
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