Creative Journaling: Exercising Intention

Sorrento Centre

with Kathie MacDuff Also offered on Thursday evenings… Life unfolds in the present. So often, we let the present slip away, allowing time to rush past unobserved and unseized, and squandering the precious seconds of our lives as we worry about the future and ruminate about what’s past. “We’re living in a world that contributes …
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Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

We live in a fast-paced society with a seemingly endless list of demands. Life naturally brings its share of challenges and stress. The key is to move forward so that stress doesn’t impact other areas of your life. Stress affects us all, but why exactly do we feel it and what causes it? This Workshop …
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Come and Follow Me

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

God wants us to have the attitude of a child in following Him with a learning heart, open mind, and a pure spirit. This isn’t just a summons to a new belief or a new way of living. It’s a call to be with Jesus, to hang out with him, to learn from him, and to …
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Leadership for Young Professionals-ONLINE

Coady International Institute (The)

Facilitators: Addy Strickland and Alaa Salih We hear about leadership all the time – in the contexts of our workplaces, governments, schools, and communities… but what is leadership really? This course is intended to support young professionals in the early stages of their careers (less than 5 years) in the workforce as they explore what …
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Broken Places, Learning to See, and The Color Blue – A Lenten Journey

Virginia Theological Seminary

Join Roger Hutchison, bestselling author and Christian educator, on a transformative Lenten journey that is sure to inspire and encourage. In his book, The Art of Calm: Spiritual Exercises for the Anxious Soul, Hutchison chronicles his personal journey following a severe mental health crisis. Roger embarks on a transformative journey that not only reignited his …
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Conversations with a Garden: Discovering Earth’s Timeless Lessons for Wise Living

Do we really need much more than this? To honor the dawn. To visit a garden. To talk to a friend. To contemplate a cloud. To cherish a meal. To bow our heads before the mystery of the day. Are these not enough? ~ Kent Nerburn How might we adjust the pace of our lives …
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Leadership in Context (with TFE1)

Vancouver School Of Theology

Building on the skills and understanding of Leadership Foundations: Self As Leader, Leading In Context will provide method and opportunity to explore potential studio practicum sites that combine leadership challenges, ministry opportunities and demonstrate best practices in pastoral and public ministry. To be effective in ministry practice and leadership in the public sphere it is …
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Accepting God’s Invitation

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

There is something very powerful about an invitation. The most perfect invitation is the one we receive from God every day. God desires our presence and seeks us out every day.  The question becomes are we ready to accept His invitation? To register call 905 356 4113 or email [email protected]

Rest is Resistance

Candler School of Theology at Emory University

What would it be like to live in a well-rested world? Engage with the Rest is Resistance framework which is rooted in Black liberation theology, womanist theology. spirituality and a politics of refusal. This course explores the tenets of The Nap Ministry and uplifts the following questions: How can we be more human when capitalism attempts to …
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