Les Misérables: A Lenten Retreat

Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Facilitated by Dan Leckman, SJ This guided weekend retreat will use the movie/musical “Les Misérables” to help us explore the grace of God alongside our fallen state or brokenness and the opportunities we have for redemption.

A Retreat with Jonah

Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Facilitated by Greg Kennedy, SJ NEW! Through a prayerful, playful exploration of the book of Jonah, we’ll journey with its antihero as he flees himself, his God, and his own happiness. Like Jonah, we’ll enter the belly of the beast of our own narcissism, hoping to exit wiser and more compassionate.

Pilgrimage: An Inner Journey

Holy Cross Monastery

During the Lenten season, a time for silence and reflection, we turn inward in order to draw nearer to both ourselves and to God. This too is the purpose of pilgrimage: to travel—whether outwardly or inwardly—in order to grow closer to the divine, the fundamental, the real; and in so doing, to grow closer to …
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Meditative Art and Movement

Kirkridge Retreat Center

Join Hilary Smith in an exploration of two complementary forms of mindful meditation. Qigong is the ancient Chinese art and science of using gentle movement, breath and contemplation to harmonize the body with the mind and the spirit. The practice is accessible to people of all ages, sizes and levels of physical conditioning, and is …
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