Black Women’s Radical Self-Love (Mini) Virtual Retreat Series Fall 2022

September 17, 2022 - December 17, 2022
A starting Daylong Retreat — 10 AM to 5 PM ET followed by monthly Mini-Retreats 12:00-2:30 PM ET
Pricing: Kirkridge is committed to providing heartfelt and generous programming that is available to all. And we need your help to continue doing so. The cost of providing this program is 40 USD per session. The August day long retreat is 75 USD. Please support this program if you are able. We will be grateful if you could contribute an additional amount to help cover the costs of others and as always, all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

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Although we live in incredibly challenging times—and as black women we continue to be some of the people experiencing the greatest challenges in our world—we are not powerless. We can help change the world by changing how we feel about ourselves.

Remembering our own self-worth is one of the best things black women can do to navigate all that is going on in the world. Doing inner work in the supportive community of other black women makes connecting with our self-love more possible. And it makes this hard and important work enjoyable. The added bonus is that as we improve our own lived experiences, we help transform the world and improve the lived experiences of others.

In September 2020, we began offering Black Women’s Radical Self-Love (Mini) Retreats. These retreats were so transformative that we offered them again in 2021-2022, and we will be offering them again in 2022-2023I invite you to join Round One of the Black Women’s Radical Self-Love (Mini) Retreat Series 22-23, where we will engage in powerful and enjoyable contemplative practices and processes—in a loving and supportive group of black women, each doing their own inner work. There will be four retreats in the first Round—a daylong retreat and three mini-retreats. Here are the dates and themes:

Round One — Fall 2022

Daylong Retreat — 10 AM to 5 PM ET

9/17                Living on the Mobius Strip: A Meditation Retreat for Inner and Outer Beauty

Mini-Retreats 12:00-2:30 PM ET

10/15              My Unique and Wonderful Gifts

11/19              What My Soul Wants for Me

12/17              Loving Myself Radically

Veta Goler, PhD, recently retired after 33 years as a faculty member and administrator at Spelman College. Her research interests include the intersection of dance and spirituality in popular culture, and explorations of spirituality and contemplative practices in education and the workplace. She has published her research in dance and culture journals and anthologies and has presented at national and international conferences.

A longtime meditator, Veta is committed to helping others discover the ways contemplative practices can enrich their lives. She has facilitated retreats and workshops for personal and professional renewal at colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and retreat sites throughout the country. She also incorporated contemplative practices in her classes and in the guided meditation sessions she led for Spelman students, faculty, and staff for over 15 years. Veta is a national Circle of Trust® facilitator, and leads retreats based on the work of Parker J. Palmer, who has written extensively on the value of living an “undivided life,” in which one’s work is in harmony with one’s values. She is also a certified Purpose Guide™ working with people to discover their inner purpose through reflective and contemplative processes.