Queens, Saints, and Visionaries: Exploring the Legacy of Medieval Women

Candler School of Theology at Emory University

Have you ever heard that women weren’t a significant part of Christian history? Particularly when it came to the development of the early and medieval church? This course will introduce you to the wide range of women who contributed to Christian identity formation. From abbesses and educators to playwrights and poets, we will explore the lives …
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Women in the New Testament & Early Church

Regent College

This course will examine women’s lives in the New Testament and the wider Greco-Roman world (including Second Temple Judaism) by studying the biblical text, literary sources, and archaeological evidence. This course extends the discussion into the second through fifth centuries of the early Church, addressing women’s participation in the intellectual, liturgical, ascetic, and monastic arenas. …
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The Cost of Forgetting Church History for Women

Regent College

From the ancient through modern world, women have preached, taught, and led. Yet, for most modern Christians, knowledge of these women as well as the historical context in which they served the Church has been forgotten. This course explores not only forgotten women in Christian history but also the consequences of our historical amnesia for …
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The Joy of Text: Reading the Bible with Liberating Lenses

Yale Divinity School

Don’t we just pick up the Bible and read it? What are various ways of interpreting the text and why do these methods matter? With attention to texts of the Hebrew Bible, this class offers an introductory sampling of different approaches in biblical studies, reading with feminist, disability, African, queer, and childist lenses. Course elements …
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VTS List of Courses for Auditors at the Master’s Level

Virginia Theological Seminary

The Auditor Program is design for those interested in taking master’s level courses at the Seminary without enrolling in a degree program or receiving credit. This option is designed for alumni, clergy, and lay leaders seeking continuing education opportunities. Students who already have earned a bachelor’s degree may apply to be an Auditor, a status …
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Study by Independent Students

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Looking to explore theological education but not ready to commit to a degree? Start here! The college welcomes applications from independent students who wish to take individual courses, whether as part of their discernment for ministry, as continuing education credit, or to further their interest in Christianity. Credit earned as an independent student may be …
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Program Links

Yale Divinity School

You will find links to all of Yale’s programs on this page.  

Master of Theological Studies

Princeton Theological Seminary

We are excited to announce that the faculty has just approved a new Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree, which will replace our current MA(TS) degree program. The new MTS program builds on our historic strengths, while offering more focus and more flexibility. We’re taking this degree to the next level so that we can equip …
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Master of Arts in Theology (Justice and Public Life) Degree Program

Princeton Theological Seminary

Master of Arts in Theology (Justice and Public Life) The Master of Arts in Theology (Justice and Public Life) is a two-year part-time graduate program designed for working professionals who wish to lead social change toward justice. Students will be introduced to the ways the Bible, history, theology, and practical theology can make a meaningful …
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