Emotional Intelligence in Tumultuous Times

Luther Seminary

We’re dealing with a pandemic, climate change, and an economic crisis. The names of Black Americans killed by police officers have once again become rallying cries for justice. A presidential election has highlighted just how divided our nation is. After everything that has happened this year, you may have found yourself becoming emotionally disconnected – …
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Mental Health and Conflict in Faith Communities–ONLINE

Credence and Co.

Facilitator: Marg Van Herk-Paradis As the awareness of mental health challenges grows in the church, church leaders require skills and tools to navigate the intersection between mental health and conflict. This two-morning workshop addresses such questions as, “How does mental health impact how we approach conflict?” and “What strategies and tools can be deployed when …
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Hope and Healing: Responding to Mental Health Issues in Youth and Young Adults

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

This program will provide participants with the tools they need to offer spiritual care more effectively to youth and young adults affected by mental illness and mental health issues. Emphasis will be given to responding to issues, distributing resources, and inviting greater hospitality to and destigmatizing those with mental illness. Session 1 will focus on the skills …
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DREAM WORK–5-sessions over 5 months online

Haden Institute (The)

My dreams in these pandemic days have caught my attention.  Sharing my dreams with a compassionate community may lead to deeper insights, health and wholeness. Soul Healing Gaining insights from others Strength for the journey Relaxing with others who understand   All groups’ first meetings will be held Tuesday, 19 January at 7:00 PM ET. From there, each …
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