Transformational Coaching

September 28, 2022 - June 21, 2023
Sep 28, 2022 – Nov 22, 2022 (1-3:00 pm Eastern, online), or Feb 8 to Apr 5th, 2023 (times to be determined), or Apr 26 to Jun 21st, 2023 (times to be determined)
Offered by New Leaf Network

Transformational Coaching is a 9-week online experience that equips you with coaching skills and practices while giving you transformational tools so you can better coach and lead from your own transformation.

Transformational Coaching started in 2016. Today 300 ministry, business, and church leaders from 7 denominations across Canada, US, Australia, and the UK have participated in our training.

Our training creatively combines three approaches to leadership development using coaching postures and skills:

  1. Coaching approaches and neuroscience / trauma-informed coaching postures designed to equip you to be present to others and skillful in helping them increase confidence and reach their potential.

  2. Seven spiritual formation postures and practices to help you lead out of your own transformation with Jesus at the center.

  3. Postures that awaken you to partnership with the Holy Spirit as you develop and empower those you love and lead.

Transformational Coaching is for you if:

  • You desire to become a better listener and more present to those around you.

  • You want a new way to lead without using top-down approaches.

  • You need more tools to equip you to develop staff, key leaders in your organization, and employees to their full potential.

  • You want another tool to use in situations that enable people to get unstuck, identify areas of growth, and move forward with solutions they identify and implement.

  • You need to develop greater resilience and depth so you can lead out of your own transformation with Jesus.
    You want to make value-add connections with friends, family, co-workers, or those who work in your business who may not share a faith background.

  • You want to learn how to better partner with and recognize the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The experience includes weekly online gatherings with other leaders from across Canada, US, and beyond. We provide tools and learning resources, peer coaching, and Supervised Practice.

Transformation Coaching serves the Canadian Church in partnership with the New Leaf Network and creates the opportunity for people to take the next levels of coaches training with Leadership Coaching Canada.


  • 8 Weekly Online Group Training (2 hrs. a week)

  • Weekly Peer Coaching Sessions (1.5 hour)

  • Weekly Curated Reading Assignments (1 hr.)

  • Time Commitment (5 hours per week)

  • 6 Hours of Coaching Practice Supervised by Our Trainers

Transformational Coaching can now be taken for Credit with Briercrest College and Seminary in SK Canada

As an added bonus, Transformational Coaching graduates can receive partial credit towards a Leadership certification or Master’s of Arts in Leadership and Management at Briercrest! For more information on taking Transformational Coaching for credit, please contact the Coordinator of the Leadership Centre, Ellen Duffield.

Through the Leadership Centre, Briercrest offers Leadership Certifications.  Each certification requires a student to take 4 courses through the Seminary, and then to gain certification from some outside body which gives them partial credit towards their final certification requirement. Once they have completed that course (ie, Transformational Coaching), they will create a contractual syllabus (independent study) that “tops up” their prior work to fulfill what a master’s-level course needs. Once they complete the extra work, they will be awarded a Leadership Certification in Coaching (or whatever discipline they have chosen out of the 5 currently approved).

 Students can also follow a similar procedure to complete an independent study course connected to taking the TC course and they will get credit towards their Master’s degree.