Supervised Ministry A: Contemplative Ministry

September 11, 2023 - December 11, 2023
Dates: Sep 11 - Dec 11, 2023 Days: Mon Time: 10:00AM - 12:00PM Vancouver Time
Offered by Regent College
Tuition rates for Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Winter 2024 will be: * $520 per credit hour registered for onsite * $385 per audit hour registered for onsite * * $540 per credit hour registered for online * $405 per audit hour registered for online

The class time of supervised Ministry A focuses upon the inner life of a pastor and Christian leader. We will be discerning God’s invitation to prayer at this particular point in time of our relationship with God, and what forms of prayer the Spirit might be inviting us to explore as a growth edge. We will also learn about inviting others into prayer and diverse prayer practices for Christian communities. Personal health and wholeness will also be a focus of this class, as we journey together toward health and sustainable ministry for the long term.

​In their ministry placements, students will experience Christian community through the lens of leadership and pastoral skills, engaging in supervised and evaluated ministry in a local church setting. The internship is designed to give student-pastors an opportunity to explore and reflect on the dynamics of pastoral ministry in a living community of faith. Key to the student experience is reflection on the ministry they are engaged in. This will be facilitated in their student-supervisor relationship, in the regular class gatherings, and through reflective course assignments.

Students register for 1.5 credits in Fall Term and 1.5 credits in the following Winter Term, for a total of 3 credits.