Rhythms of Missional Spirituality

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

This course will help leaders learn from the past, be aware of the present and plan for the future. The course will explore ancient truths that have helped guide Christians for the past two thousand years and introduce new concepts from leadership science. Most importantly, all of the learning will be practical and will enhance …
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Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

God calls us to be faithful to Him in all our responsibilities. Whether they are great or small, is not what really matters. Just be faithful in the places God has put you in and one day you will hear…well done. To register call 905 356 4113 or email [email protected]

Reimagining Church

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

The course is for anyone eager and willing to explore Christian faith in a fresh way that is at the same time ancient and yet relevant to today’s world. Are you frustrated by the decline in church attendance and ministry participation at your parish? Perhaps you’re hearing the buzz around terms like “missional church,” “discipleship,” …
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Putting Money in Its Place

Kirkridge Retreat Center

Most North Americans grow up in a culture that worships money, embedded in an economic system that holds money up as the only true measure of value. But money is a failed god, as we see in the fear that threatens our personal well-being and our relationships, in the overwork and overwhelm that guts community …
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A Journey of Transformation

Yale Divinity School

“Striving for transformation in a personal sense requires unflinching honesty about our own thinking, and a willingness to change our mind.” (Tara Swart) Human transformation and growth are common themes in the Gospels. New Testament conversion narratives tell of people who changed their lives as a result of encountering Jesus or the message of the …
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Abide: Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Leadership Transformations

Abide considers ten topics that are relevant to Christian spiritual formation. The topics are explored through readings, teachings, conversations with authors, group discussions and communal prayer. The curriculum offers an orientation for personal spiritual growth that is based on the fruit of the Holy Spirit that will be evidenced in the lives of those who …
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Soul Recreation: Delighting & Enjoying God

Regent College

Despite the claims of some critics, contemplation or what some call soul recreation, is firmly grounded in Scripture and richly displayed throughout the writings of early Protestantism. Evaluate the resistance to delighting in communion with God and learn how to deepen your experience of enjoying God. Together we will explore this spiritual intimacy by recovering …
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Learning to Think Ethically with the Christian Tradition

Regent College

To some extent the history of Christian ethics the history of interpretation of biblical ethical teaching. An increasingly ‘moral’ reading of Scripture emerged with the privileging of the plain (or double literal) sense during the late medieval period. As one considers the bible was looked to in Franciscan moral theology in particular then one becomes …
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Interfaith Spirituality for Polarized Times

Vancouver School Of Theology

How do we practice spiritual presence in challenging times? And let spirituality lead us to action? When communities are polarized, and peace is unpopular, these are urgent questions. Together, we will explore answers from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each tradition offers powerful tools to critique institutional power, confront the ego, open the heart, and explore …
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