Renovaré Institutes

February 18, 2023 - December 31, 2025
Most of the work is done online, but for two separate weeks each year students gather in person for a total of four residencies. All four residencies are held in retreat centers near the host city, which changes with each two-year cohort of students. You don't have to live in the host city to apply, and Renovaré students come from all over the globe. We simply change locations to make the program possible for people in that part of the country who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend.
For the Omaha Cohort (2023-25): The cost for each year of the two-year Omaha Cohort will be $4,500USD. This includes all meals, lodging, and teaching at the residencies as well as the online courses themselves. This does not include books, travel, or any costs associated with finding and seeing a spiritual director during the last 18 months of the program. The first year's payment is due by July 1st of the startup year once a student is accepted.

The Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation is a two-year online and in-person school designed to plunge you into that life.

Over the course of two years, students are guided in daily online studies, practice a variety of spiritual disciplines, develop a spiritual community with a small group of co-learners, and experience four week-long learning residencies in a retreat setting.

Like all things Renovaré, the program is a blend of intellect and experience, of individual and community, of theory and practice, of charismatic and contemplative. It is deeply and unapologetically centered on Christ and rooted in the gospel of the Kingdom.

The link provided should take you to the next two-year institute being opened up. There appears to also be a Canadian Chapter, listed in the CEP database under Renovaré Canada.