Soul Recreation: Delighting & Enjoying God

Regent College

Despite the claims of some critics, contemplation or what some call soul recreation, is firmly grounded in Scripture and richly displayed throughout the writings of early Protestantism. Evaluate the resistance to delighting in communion with God and learn how to deepen your experience of enjoying God. Together we will explore this spiritual intimacy by recovering …
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Intentional Community Setting for Sabbaticals, etc

Crieff Hills Retreat Centre

Crieff Hills offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an extended opportunity of rest and renewal. Ruth House is now the home of an intentional Christian community where residents may live for three, six or twelve months sharing a healthy rhythm of worship, work and rest. This comfortable home has a full kitchen, living room, …
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Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Spiritual Prayer Groups & Retreats

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Experiences, resources, and encouragement for those called to create and lead contemplative spiritual groups and retreats for personal and social transformation Do you feel a nudge to create and lead contemplative spiritual groups and retreats? Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Spiritual Groups & Retreats is designed to equip, encourage, and support those called to create and …
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Consumed: A Sacred Quest

Renovaré Canada

Our spirituality is who we are, and our spiritual journey is as long as the days of our lives. At the end of our lives, each of us will have spent it on something; something will have consumed us. As christians, we hope to be consumed by christ, or, as the apostle paul states, “to …
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Programs at Restoring Connections

Restoring Connections (formerly the Center for Spirituality at Work)

Currently there is no single page that lists all of their courses, however the Programs menu item lists everything, and the home page gives a quick overview.

List of Courses and Programs

Luther Seminary

This page should have the list of currently available offerings, both courses in person and downloadable series.  

Available Video Courses

Select Learning

Please see the website for the online store for all video courses produced by Select Learning. This is a program which grew out of the Lutheran church in the USA (ELCA), and aims to offer quality theological learning experiences for personal, congregational and professional learning. Over the years, they appear to have accumulated a broad …
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Building Faith Basics: Intro to Formation Theory

Virginia Theological Seminary

How is Faith Formed? Lisa Kimball and Sarah Bentley Allred will discuss the basics of how faith is formed, drawing on the work of John Westerhoff and other leaders in the field. Introduction Introduction (0:31) Spirituality is innate and better images for formation (2:34) The relationship between spirituality and faith (10:42) The relationship between spirituality …
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Listing of Upcoming Retreats

Episcopal House of Prayer (The)

The link provided here should list all of the upcoming retreats at the Episcopal House of Prayer. Most or all will be in-person retreats in Collegeville, MN.