So You Want to Facilitate the Mission Action Plan Process…

February 7, 2022 - March 14, 2022
Monday evenings, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Eastern) February 7 – March 14, 2022

Creating a parish mission action plan is about intentional listening for the Spirit, prayer, engagement with parishioners, and a willingness to risk a bit. The plan, which is completed in four one-hour gatherings, is comprised of two to three initiatives in three areas: Adult Faith Formation, Changing Parish Culture, and Community Engagement. Leaders for each initiative arise from those passionate about the ideas. And once you’ve done the process once, you can easily repeat it when you’ve completed the initial projects.

Perhaps you’ve read the Parish Mission Action Plan guide – and while you’re excited about the potential for this initiative, you’re also trepidatious about facilitating the process. On the one hand, you can see the process laid out and it looks easy on paper but on the other hand, you’re looking for some support as you get started. This coaching course will take you from preparation to launch!

What You’ll Learn

This course will prepare you to lead/facilitate the Parish Mission Action Plan (MAP) process in your parish as together we walk through

  • a basic grounding in what being missional means,
  • steps to prepare your parish to undertake this work,
  • choosing your leadership team,
  • launching your first gathering, and
  • bringing it home to the completed Mission Action Plan.

How It Works

Join Canon Christyn Perkons and your fellow learners in live, digital practical learning where you will

  • Participate in six two-hour sessions with Canon Christyn Perkons and the learning community. The learning community will meet weekly on Monday evenings, 7:00p – 9:00p, February 7 – March 14.
  • Complete weekly steps in your context that will move the process forward.
  • Reflect on your experiences with the learning community.
  • Plan and complete the first of four gatherings in the Mission Action Plan process
  • Prepare for the remaining three gatherings and the completion of the parish Mission Action Plan.

Other resources and activities will be shared by your teacher-practitioner and by the other participants, and an online forum between sessions will allow for questions and further coaching.

Financial Assistance

An initial bursary of $50 is available for parish representatives intending to initiate the MAP process in their parish. Upon completion of the parish’s MAP, a further bursary of $100 will be disbursed with a maximum of $200 per completed parish MAP facilitated by course participants. Please contact Christyn about bursaries at [email protected].

Meet the Teacher-Practitioner

Canon Christyn Perkons

Canon Christyn Perkons is the Director of Congregational Support & Development for the Diocese of Niagara. Christyn worked with a team of clergy and lay leaders to develop the diocesan mission action plan, and grounded in that work, brought together resources and a process that would readily allow parishes to undertake the same kind of holy listening and discernment. Christyn is passionate about discerning where God is at work in our neighbourhoods and inviting us to come alongside God’s work. The possibilities for transformation of people’s lives and the culture in which we’re embedded are at the heart of her vocation. This hunger to meet God in our daily lives drives not only her congregational ministry but also her mentoring of diocesan missioners and those exploring a call to ordained ministry, and her work with the team creating anti-racism training for the diocese. The faith community that nurtures Christyn is St. Christopher’s in Burlington, where she writes and offers intercessions and co-writes contextual liturgies that open space for people’s hearts to encounter Jesus.