Defiance: Feminist Lessons from Scripture Today

July 30, 2023 - August 5, 2023
Sunday July 30, 2023 - Saturday August 05, 2023
Offered by Sorrento Centre
$340/week. Course fee $90 plus the $250 Activity fee

Too often, “biblical womanhood” has been a term defined by submission and meekness, used to keep women in their place. Jordan Haynie Ware, of podcast Two Feminists Annotate the Bible has found through her studies that this just doesn’t match the Scriptures as written. Rather, the women of Scripture, and God’s interactions with them, have strikingly modern feminist lessons for women, men, and all people. Join her for a week of study on these often ignored, and even intentionally swept aside characters. Men welcome, too!

We’ll learn more about hermeneutics, especially feminist, queer, post-colonial and other lens on Scripture from marginalized communities, and you’ll leave equipped to practice your discipleship as feminist followers of Jesus.