Working Genius: Discover and apply new and effective leadership tool

March 22, 2022 - March 23, 2022
March 22-23, 2022, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST
Offered by Credence and Co.
$203.40 (incl HST)

We are pleased to add this relevant new series of training workshops using the recently developed tool “Working Genius” which we are applying to the Congregational Leadership Stream. The following workshops can be taken together, or you can register for “Discover your Leadership Genius” as a stand alone workshop applied to the mediation stream or congregational leadership stream.

Have you ever wondered why some aspects of leadership drain you while others energize you? The “Six Types of Working Genius”, designed by Patrick Lencioni, helps leaders and their teams discover their natural gifts, where they thrive and what tasks are best left to others. As Lencioni states, it is not only “about getting the right people on the bus; this is about getting people in the right seat.” As a member of Lencioni’s network of certified facilitators, Marg Van Herk-Paradis will help you:

  • Unpack the results of your online assessment (completed ahead of time);
  • Discover more fully your natural gifts and your working frustrations; and
  • Use this tool to create a dynamic and healthy team and organization.