The Anger Iceberg Workshop

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Getting Angry is only the tip of the Iceberg. Anger is a secondary emotion. Understanding the cause of anger is the first step to managing it. This Workshop will identify the causes of anger and explore our own beliefs and  patterns of response. Learn how to respond to anger on a day-to-day basis in a …
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Facilitating Conversations on Race and Faith: The Sacred Ground Curriculum

Virginia Theological Seminary

Are you interested in reading, watching and learning about the history of race and racism in America and the impact it has on our world today – and engaging in meaningful conversation about change? Join an online cohort and explore a rich curriculum focused on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian Pacific Americans as their histories …
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Leading the Church Through Transformation, Change and Renewal ONLINE

Credence and Co.

This four-morning workshop is suitable for anyone involved in a leadership role in a congregation, and is not limited to pastoral staff, in fact bringing some key lay leaders may be beneficial to some congregations. Frequently we hear that people resist change. Does this have to be true? Could we find ways of engaging change, …
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Understanding Conflict Foundations

Credence and Co.

This highly interactive and educational workshop invites you to consider the building blocks that create conflict and those that assist or detract in conflict’s resolution. The workshop includes reflection, conversation, and exercises as conflicts are studied and models for addressing conflicts are considered. Significant time will be given to skill building for effective speaking and …
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Understanding Conflict (Advanced)

Credence and Co.

This workshop, uses the two lenses of conflict drivers and conflict paradoxes, and considers seemingly intractable conflicts and their transformation.  Questions for consideration include the nature of intractability, de-escalation strategies, transforming intractable conflicts and engaging emotions. This workshop builds on Understanding Conflict: Foundations.  It is highly interactive, insightful, engaging and critical for all those who wish …
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Certificate in Leadership Excellence

Vancouver School Of Theology

The Vancouver School of Theology educates and forms Christian leaders for the 21st century. Leadership in the contemporary church requires administrative and managerial excellence. Addressing this need does not in any way minimize the importance of theological education, which remains the centre piece of our work at Vancouver School of Theology. However, the ability to …
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