The Legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

March 2, 2022 - April 6, 2022
Wednesdays; March 2 – April 6, 2022; 9:30–10:30 AM (central time)

with Piet Meiring; Emeritus Professor University of Pretoria, South Africa; friend of Archbishop Tutu for almost half a century, working with him in the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, representing Desmond Tutu at the launch of the Canadian TRC in Winnipeg, teaching a CMU course.

This course will provide a brief overview of the life of Desmond Tutu—the son of a domestic servant who became a Nobel Prize winner, prophet and reconciler. We will discuss Desmond Tutu’s struggle against injustice and his work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, tell stories about “the Arch”, his friendship with President Mandela, his personal faith, his love for people, his humour, his retirement, and his legacy.