Sister-to-Sister Mentorship Program

September 6, 2023 - November 6, 2023
6 September, 2023, to 6 November, 2023
Unknown; "In recognition of varying degrees of access to the internet, workspaces, transportation, care responsibilities and other circumstances, discretionary honorariums will be provided to support selected applicants in effectively taking part in the program."

“Investing in women’s leadership is the way we are going to change a world from one of conflict and violence to one of peace and hope”- Leymah Gbowee.

Change is driven from the ground up by women’s movements and leaders who provide the sparks and the hard work needed to prevent violence and maintain peace every day. Women’s groups and women leaders are often working in resource-poor environments, confronting threats to their own security and communities, and with inadequate opportunities to build trust. Solidarity, support and sisterhood are crucial in these situations. As a Women Peace and Security (WPS) community, we still have a lot to learn about how to build and sustain our collectives and our trust within and across communities and movements.

Sister-to-Sister Program

Apply to the 2023 Sister to Sister Program here!

The Nobel Women’s Initiative Sister-to-Sister Mentorship Program, produced in collaboration with the Coady International Institute invites young feminist leaders from around the world to participate in 6-weeks of hands-on communications and advocacy training. These women, aged 20-30, are at the forefront of movements to promote peace, justice and equality in their communities. Since 2012 the Sister-to-Sister Mentorship program has supported young women activists from Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia, Burma, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, responding to needs identified by partner organizations for increased advocacy training and hands-on skills building for young women’s rights activists within an international setting.

“When I came to Ottawa, I had a new name: the sisters. This name gave me power.” – Muzna Dureid, Syria

Young activists and human rights defenders from Palestine, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Mexico, Liberia, Iran, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Burma, and have all participated in the program and returned to their countries more powerful, and more connected. Alumni have been tireless activists for peace and justice within their communities – and work at the grassroots level for women’s rights.