Living as a Christian in a World That’s Not: Reading the Acts of the Apostles

March 8, 2022 - April 5, 2022
Tuesday evenings March 8th to April 5th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm, online
Regular: $90/person, $200/group Friends of the College: $75/person, $165/group

Many 21st-century Christians in North America grew up experiencing the world around us as “Christendom.” Although our cultures and institutions have been shaped by the Christian tradition, for the most part the world around us no longer shares our faith in Jesus Christ. 

The church was born in such a world. Arising as a branch of Judaism, Christianity took root in an empire full of diverse cultures and spiritual beliefs. And it thrived. 

This exploration of “part two of Luke” will examine the context in which the Christian church came to be, the witness and ministry of the apostles and other Christian leaders, and what they have to teach us today. 

This course has no homework, no assigned reading (although reading Acts is definitely encouraged!), and no written assignments. We ask people to come prepared to listen, learn, and grow as followers of Jesus, and coming as part of a group is even better!


Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Heather McCance is Director of Pastoral Studies at Montreal Diocesan Theological College. After serving for twenty years in parish ministry in a number of parishes in the Diocese of Toronto, Heather served as the Ministry Developer for the Diocese of Rupert’s Land (out of the city of Winnipeg) for four years before joining us in Montreal.

Learn Together

We want to encourage people to learn together. You can join this course as an individual, but we also encourage you to gather with a friend or group in a parish hall, living room, or over Zoom to participate in to discuss the class afterwards using the resources we provide. Whether you have three people or a dozen people gathered together, register as a group and the cost is the same. To accommodate Covid gathering restirction, group leaders will be given a Zoom link which they can distribute to their group members.