Indigenous Cultural Safety: Working authentically across difference*

June 5, 2023 - June 9, 2023
June 5-9, 2023, 8:30-5:00 (Winnipeg Time)
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Instructor: Harley Eagle

Syllabus – SOC/IND/PCTS-3950Syllabus – PCD-5190

Originating in the medical and health services field by Māori Indigenous Health care professionals over 30 years ago, Cultural Safety and an emergent secondary concept, Cultural Humility have since spread to many areas of the globe where Indigenous Peoples still maintain connections to their lands. The concept of Cultural Safety strives to address the disparities that many Indigenous Peoples face across many societal sectors by understanding the context and roots of the issues. This course utilizes processes rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and being as well as interactive small and whole group dialogue and exercises to create a safe learning setting where participants can increase their awareness of the history and ongoing impacts of colonization. This increased self-awareness and strengthening of intercultural behaviours and skills based on Indigenous perspectives as well as an analysis of patterns of systemic oppression are helpful in addressing systemic oppression and its impacts. Indigenous Cultural Safety is an entry point into understanding the dynamics and intersections of forms of oppression across many marginalized groups.