Flourishing as the Canadian Church

March 11, 2021 - April 1, 2021
Thursday March 11th, 18th, 25th, & April 1st - 1:30pm EST
Offered by New Leaf Network
Donation invited: "If you would like to contribute to the "virtual tip jar" the suggested amount is $10/session"

What does it look like for congregations here in Canada to flourish? How do you identify transformation, define what it means for a community of faith and look for continued indicators of health and effectiveness?

Using Canadian-based social science research from over 250 Canadian Catholic, mainline, and conservative Protestant congregations (including over 9100 congregants), the Flourishing Congregations research team will be with us over 4 weeks to present their findings. We’ll engage topics like innovation, diversity, neighbourhood engagement, discipleship, leadership, evangelism and more. Join us as we consider the results, think through important questions and theological insights, and offer practical considerations and promising possibilities for leaders and congregations who wish to flourish.

March 11th with Joel Thiessen

March 18th with Keith Walker

March 25th with Bill McAlpine

April 1st with Arch Wong