Embodied Discipleship in a World That Has Gone Virtual

January 10, 2022 - January 28, 2022
Jan 10-28, time unpublished
Audit for $150USD, For credit at $529USD
Grand RapidsMI

As Christians and congregations are both racing to find new rhythms of life and worship during this pandemic, essential aspects of discipleship and corporate worship are surfacing. At the congregational level, church leaders are working hard to find ways of serving their communities amidst an enormous and unexpected decentralization and digitization of church gatherings. In this course, learners engage with foundational theological ideas about the human person and their engagement in society. Learners will experience exercises that foster faithful, creative, and sustainable Christian practices in a world that is increasingly digital.

INSTRUCTED BY: Aaron Einfeld, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, Calvin Theological Seminary

Background: As a ministry leader serving in a world that has rapidly moved and changed through media shifts, cultural trends, and the aftermath of a global pandemic, you have been creatively adapting to a host of challenges and opportunities.

Calvin Seminary, in collaboration with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, is pleased to offer a series of short term online courses that are designed to support your ministry leadership. These online mini-courses are centered around key ministry challenges you face today.

With a commitment of four hours per week for just three weeks, each class is designed to fit alongside the many time demands and commitments that you already have. Though some courses may include optional live discussion online, you won’t be required to be present for a session during a specific time. You can choose to audit the course or enroll for credit.