Church History: Anglican Identity

September 12, 2022 - October 31, 2022
September 12 – October 31, 2022; detailed times not available.
$245USD ($215 for associated programs)

In this course, students will explore Anglican identity by practicing spiritual disciplines associated with key luminaries in the Anglican tradition. Students will be invited to pray Matins from Thomas Cranmer’s first prayer book, read the poetry of George Herbert and John Donne, sing the hymns of Charles Wesley, study Scripture with William Temple, practice contemplation with Evelyn Underhill, lament with C.S. Lewis and Desmond Tutu, and pray the Night Prayer from the New Zealand prayer book. Students will not only gain an understanding but also a personal experience of Classical Anglicanism, Evangelical Anglicanism, Anglo-Catholicism, and expressions of Anglicanism from around the world. The pressing issues of the Anglican Communion will be analyzed as students engage in the spiritual discipline that ultimately forms one’s identity as an Episcopalian and Anglican: the practice of common prayer.

Instructor: The Rev. Daniel London, PhD, serves as the rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Eureka CA. He teaches courses on Christian Spirituality, World Religions, and Anglican Ethics at CDSP, the School for Deacons, and the Center for Bible Study. He is the author of The Cloud of Unknowing Distilled (Apocryphile Press) and Theodicy and Spirituality in the Fourth Gospel (Fortress Academic). He is also a Forest Therapy Guide, certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy; and an Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross and the Community of the Transfiguration. He lives in the Transfiguration House in Eureka CA with his wife Dr. Ashley London Bacchi and their two Yorkies, Seabury and Gubbio.