Christianity and Politics: Traditions and Current Values

July 25, 2022 - July 29, 2022
Jul 25–Jul 29 • 1:30PM–4:30PM Pacific Time
Offered by Regent College

In many societies, Christians are deeply divided by political allegiances. The stakes seem so high and biblical teaching about government so clear and urgent that agreement on politics has become, for many, a test of faith. Take a step back from current events to examine three robust traditions of Christianity and politics—Roman Catholic, Reformed (Calvinist), and Anabaptist—and discover the thoroughly Christian but distinctive history and principles of each. Consider important angles of politics today, including secularism, pluralism, digital media, race, and international relations. With guidance from these traditions, develop a thoughtful, active, and Christ-centered relationship to the political realm.

INDS 556 1–2 Credits (1 Audit)