Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development

January 16, 2023 - March 12, 2023
The live learning sessions will take place from 17:00 – 19:00 Universal Time (UTC), or 1-3pm (Atlantic time) on Thursdays, between January 16 – March 12, 2023.
Tuition Fees for the course are $1,500CAD. Coady Institute strives to ensure that participants working with marginalized communities around the world have access to its courses. This is made possible through the provision of bursaries that are funded by many individual and institutional donors of the International Centre for Women’s Leadership. Partial bursaries of $1,100CAD are available for international candidates. Those receiving a bursary will be responsible for paying the balance before the designated deadline. Full bursaries are available for First Nations, Métis and Inuit women residing in Canada as well as women from African Nova Scotian communities.

This program is online. You will need reliable internet access (high speed is recommended), speakers and microphone.

This course is a global space for sharing and learning about practices that put communities and their strengths at the centre of any project or initiative. These initiatives could be big or small in any sector of your work or life. We also explore how institutions can respond to communities through more equitable and authentic partnerships. We will offer a “time-out” for you to question the starting point and core beliefs underlying your work and to re-evaluate the role of institutions in stimulating and supporting genuine asset-based and citizen-led development (ABCD). Your facilitators have extensive experience working alongside local, Indigenous, and international communities and are excited to highlight each course participant’s expertise and perspectives in our virtual classroom.

Benefits and Learning Objectives

During this course, you will:

  • Differentiate between needs-based and asset-based approaches to development.
  • Learn from your facilitators and peers about global examples of successful community-driven responses to crises and opportunities.
  • Examine the extent to which you and your organization already apply ABCD approaches (e.g., in your language, policies, and practices).
  • Learn and practice participatory ABCD tools, methods, and facilitation tips for uncovering and mobilizing community assets and strengths.
  • Problematize the role of outside institutions in responding to citizen-led development, including NGOs, donors, and government agencies.
  • Unpack the critiques of asset-based and citizen-led approaches.
  • Design a concrete action plan to integrate more ABCD into your life and work.

Time Requirement

This course runs for eight weeks. As a participant, you are expected to spend eight hours per week engaged in learning activities by attending live learning sessions, participating in online discussion forums, reading, reflecting, and completing assignments independently. While they are not mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to attend the live sessions. All instructional materials will be in English.

The live learning sessions will take place from 17:00 – 19:00 Universal Time (UTC) on Thursdays, between January 16 – March 12, 2023. (Check your time conversion here).

Technology Requirement

  • Reliable internet access (high speed is recommended)
  • Speakers and microphone

Who Should Apply?

This course is intended for change-makers of any age or sector who want to start with community strengths. This includes community-builders, government agencies, NGOs, universities, and grant-making organizations.