Building on Abundance in Indigenous Communities

Coady International Institute (The)

Applications for this course are open to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit participants.  Click here for downloadable PDF Click here to apply This course is online. You will need reliable internet access (high speed is recommended). This seven-week course explores building Indigenous communities from an abundance-based approach, starting with the foundation of gifts, skills …
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The Spirit of Capitalism and the Witness of the Church

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

or decades, mission workers, pastors, and theologians have talked about the holistic dimensions of the gospel. We largely assume that the Good News has economic, social, and political dimensions. In practical terms, this means that our witness to the gospel must address racial and economic inequalities, racial ideologies, and economic exploitation. But how? Drawing upon …
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Feminist Leadership for Capabilities, Ecology and Transformation

Coady International Institute (The)

Women leaders across the globe are dealing with dispossession from resources, capabilities, and a form of discursive ‘development’ which is deeply rooted in a capitalist and patriarchal order. In the current milieu – as women leaders face further marginalization, cultural exclusivity, and the Covid-19 pandemic – we offer this online discourse hinged on power, patriarchy, …
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Seminar: Working Sustainably

Regent College

How can we build organizations that endure, especially through periods of market volatility? How can I maintain my health and integrity at work, avoiding burnout or ethical misconduct? What will it take to leave a healthy environment to the coming generations? Sustainability—the measure for whether a given process can go on—has become a major concern …
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Future of Work and Workers

Coady International Institute (The)

The unprecedented convergence of the forces of globalization, urbanization, changing demographics, and climate change are already fundamentally changing the way we live and work. While the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics have improved productivity and efficiency and increased convenience, they have raised concerns over the number of jobs being lost due to …
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Master of Arts in Theology (Justice and Public Life) Degree Program

Princeton Theological Seminary

Master of Arts in Theology (Justice and Public Life) The Master of Arts in Theology (Justice and Public Life) is a two-year part-time graduate program designed for working professionals who wish to lead social change toward justice. Students will be introduced to the ways the Bible, history, theology, and practical theology can make a meaningful …
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